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    • Magnolia, neroli, jasmine, raspberry, peach, oakmoss

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This is a fruity floral, but in a non-sweet, retro style. l get a big tuberose here, although it's not listed, along with juicy raspberry & peach, with any sweetness tempered by oakmoss. The projection is powerful initially, & l get the sense it could be overpowering in the wrong dosage or in a hot, enclosed space. Surprisingly, although it wasn't released until 2000, it has a definite eighties powerhouse vibe. After an hour it calms down a little, & there's more of a creamy-lactonic aspect to the florals, slowly fading over the course of around twelve hours.

l adore tuberose, but l'm not too fond of fruity notes (except for citrus or fig), so that opening phase is a little too much for me, but l quite enjoy the drydown of this one.
8th June 2022
Inspired by a fantasy love affair. Close your eyes and imagine run your hands over your tight stomach, your soft breasts. You can feel that familiar haze haze of lush washing over you, taking your over while he is just metres in front of you and when you open your eyes you can see he is standing now, waiting for you, his own eyes glaze with desire as he look you up and down. A lovely and elegant scent for the woman who knows what shen wants in life. Sexy in a flirty kind of way but at the same time mature and elegant. Charming, elegant, independent, spontaneous, charming, creamy, romantic, enchanting, classic and floral.

It opens as a soft, fresh floral with jasmine and magnolia then a slight hint of feminine rose, succulent peach and strong tuberose makes the heart notes. The base notes include creamy sandalwood to create an elegant, romantic and intimate scent that exudes quality. The tuberose and magnolia definitely present the strongest. It deserves a place in any wardrobe. Reminds me ladies in sundresses wearing this to a garden party. It is not overpowering but an sophisticated and elegantly romantic scent. Lady Caron is both fresh and sensual and also utterly feminine.
27th August 2016

This is happiness in a bottle.

It is my signature scent. While it was not designed by Caron himself, the wonderful melding of scents is magic.

Not too heavy or indolic (that spicy heavy you can get from certain orientals) it still feels incredibly, incredibly rich and lush without bringing to mind a single flower.

It glides. It's so bewitching you want to tear it apart and see what happiness is made of.

And you can spray heavily or lightly. It's just that much more pleasure. And you can't get sick of happiness, methinks...
18th January 2014
I don't know why other reviewers refer to this as a chypre. It is simply a big floral medley. Although not mentioned in its contents, I find it is based around a tuberose note. There are raspberry and peach to give it a sparkling top note; jasmine, magnolia, rose and neroli to supply its warm white heart, and oakmoss and sandalwood to support its base.

This offering from 2000 is bright and luscious - old fashioned (in a good way) in its make-up, but modern in its execution.

Ideal for a young woman in her twenties - bright and self-indulgently feminine.
24th April 2013
I read what other reviewers have to say and feel a twinge of envy. I am a huge Caron fan who always appreciates a good chypre, which I think this is. Unfortunately, I can only smell the first blast out of the bottle. The magnolia is lovely, if eccentric--not a problem as far as I'm concerned, in fact it adds to the charm. But ten minutes later I can press my perfumed wrist to my nose and smell. . . nothing. Absolutely nothing. Today I tried an experience. After my shower I coated myself with sesame oil, then sprayed on Lady Caron. Several hours later, I can smell the fragrance--the magnolia, some neroli, and a trace of sandalwood if I really try. Of course, I might be picking up some of the sesame oil scent as well. The fragrance is elegant and soft, a "lady" to be sure, pleasant and classy--but none of the grand operatic sensuality that other Carons deliver so well. Still, I know there's something lovely in this fragrance that's compelling enough to make me want to try it again at some later date.
31st May 2010
One of my favorite Carons. On cool days the warm peach and moroccan rose rise to the surface, and on warmer days the magnolia blossom is the star! I find this beautifully blended, not too sweet and simply gorgeous!
5th May 2007
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