The first P&G Lacoste scent, with notes of Rum, vanilla and musk packaged in a stylish smoke-grey bottle with textured silver cap.

Lacoste pour Homme fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Ruby Grapefruit, Plum, Apple
  • Heart

    • Juniper, Cardamom, Pink Peppercorn, Cinnamon
  • Base

    • Jamaican Rum, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Musk

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Latest Reviews of Lacoste pour Homme

Can't believe I didn't review this before. A versatile, somewhat sporty scent, but in a crisp, outdoors fashion, rather than a ridiculously sweet or aquatic way. I remember it as good for work - fresh, but long-lasting. I'll have to try it again for old times' sake. A very solid purchase for the price. Flankers generally worth avoiding, if only to save on confusion.
23rd April 2020
Weak and inoffensive. Woodsy scent, didn't develop much. Good work scent but doesn't last long.
15th May 2018

Smelled this one today out of curiosity. It isn't a complete disaster but it is by far the worst scent I've smelled from Lacoste. It immediately reminded me of Davidoff's Silver Shadow with a hint of Armani Code. A warm, orangy, synthetic and far from modern scent. It's sweet in a strange, powdery way and more suitable for men in their 40s in my opinion, just like Silver Shadow.

No idea if it's true, but two saleswomen at two different stores told me that Lacoste fragrances aren't selling well, especially since P&G and that there will be less and less Lacoste fragrances until the brand vanishes from this market. I hope not, because I really like what they did with the L.12.12 series.

Coming back to Pour Homme, I give it a 3/10.
12th January 2018
Nothing remarkable but still nice to wear. Starts off with nice citrus but the drydown is standard fare for modern scents with vanilla being the most prominent.

Projection and longevity are both very good. Lasts all workday.
1st December 2017
My first favorite, just wish it lasted longer. Get a lot of vanilla in this. Just great all around for spring and summer.
1st December 2017
If you can smell ALL that is going on with this, then consider yourself among the lucky few.

Versatile, this jus. It is simultaneously sporty as it is fresh and crisp in the opening, while being sensous with the vanilla cinnamon rum combo in the base.

Might cause nose confusion tho, which can bring about frustration. So I simply enjoy whatever it presents to me on the day I am wearing it.

Bottom line: safe, fun, attractive office jus that works well for night activities.
19th November 2017
A reliable, predictable scent from Lacoste. The dominant notes are the vanilla, interwoven with the rum and woody notes. The citrus elements are muted and add basic support to this oriental composition.

Lacoste pour Homme is a flexible cologne, fit for any occasion and throughout the year.
25th December 2016
Genre: Woods

I wish I could smell what others describe when reviewing Lacoste pour Homme. The accounts are inconsistent, but most of them sound interesting. I've put Lacoste pour Homme through several wearings myself, and I'm still not sure what to make of it. The bright apple top note is one of the nicest I can recall smelling, but the quiet accord of clean musk, cedar, and very lightly spiced vanilla that follows may actually be too shy for its own good. In character it vacillates between a fresh, light cedar sports fragrance and a vanillic woody oriental. There's potential here for an enlivening tension between styles, but in the execution is so muted that Lacoste pour Homme feels more indecisive than invigorating. It's never more than a skin scent on me, and it disappears altogether within an hour or two, leaving only faint traces of laundry detergent musk and cedar. Anosmia? Bad sample? Beats me.
19th June 2014
I'm mixed on just how much I like this one...sometimes I love it, sometimes I just like it. Really interesting opening: a little synthetic, a little sweet but not overpowering. It feels like a "clean" scent, something I could wear to work comfortably. Settles down really nicely on my skin. I feel like I can wear this scent any season, any time, no problem. It's unique, haven't smelt something that makes me thing "this is clean" and "this is sweet". Decent projection and longevity. Wouldn't suggest as a blind buy because it is a rather unique smell that I can see some people not being into. 7.5-8/10
5th January 2014
I don#t know what to say about this one... I bought it because someone told me they liked it in their teenage years. I was pretty disappointed with it. It only smells sweet, i can barely recognize anything in it... it's just isn't mine.
31st March 2013
In style and smell reminds of Burberry Men, despite the apparent lack of originality, a very good scent. This fragrance is incredibly "friendly" which can't be said for many frags. The tea note and spices are strong, the tea note being stronger than in Burberry Men and also musk is quite more dominant in Lacoste PH. As the drydown slowly creeps in, one can easily get reminiscence of Bvlgari PH Soir albeit without that certain mediterranean character Bvlgari PH Soir contains. In any case, I'm pleasantly surprised by this scent, despite the fact it's not "original".
19th January 2013
Figured someone needed to break the chain of negative reviews on this one...
Lacoste PH is essentially versatile sophistication in a bottle. Right off the bat it seems like a fragrance for the office and casual-business. However, when worn a few times, one will realize that it is not that inflexible. Rather, it is a sophisticated fragrance, but "fun" at the same time. It is masculine, with a subtle sweetness (not the sweetness you would get from Rochas, A*Men, etc., but instead a more natural sweetness that you would get from any fruit).
It is a tad bit synthetic, but definitely worth buying, if not, at least trying.
6th October 2012