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Lacoste (2003)

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Lacoste pour Femme by Lacoste

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Lacoste pour Femme is a women's perfume launched in 2003 by Lacoste

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Reviews of Lacoste pour Femme by Lacoste

There are 23 reviews of Lacoste pour Femme by Lacoste.

Do you hate perfumes? Do people around you hate perfumes?
Is perfume in general frowned upon in your work, school, family, life?
Is your nose very sensitive to smells?
Do you - or people around you - hate frilly-girly perfumes, juvenile sugarbomb-y perfumes, matronly perfumes, in-your-face vulgar perfumes, overwhelmingly floral perfumes, screechy-lemony or screechy-woody perfumes, synthetic-smelling sugarfruity perfumes, loud perfumes, 'perfumey' perfumes, and in general MOST perfumes?

Do you still want to smell GOOD in a calm, clean, unfussy, unshouty, uncomplicated and still classy, subtle and sneaky "oh, I just naturally happen to smell so good" way to people who happen to hug you?
Then think no more - this is a perfume for you.

And it really smells good - provided you can smell it.
It's subtle, soapy-clean and still warm, skin-like, it's lightly incensy and slightly balsamic scent with just a hint of pepper and light unfussy flowers. It is an ultimate skin-scent as it never shouts and only whispers. I personally would have to pour it all over my body to be able to properly smell myself, so you are in no danger to enrage others with your scent. But you'll still smell NICE to people who hug you - and to yourself when you sniff your scarf (I know you also do that, just admit it!).

Thumbs up for the actual scent when I stick my nose to my inner elbow hard enough to perceive it. Sadly, I cannot justify buying a nice perfume that even I cannot smell - I just love perfume too much for that.

After I could no longer find Blv for Women by Bvlgari, I found that Lacoste Pour Femme replaced Blv PERFECTLY! LPF smells as I remember Blv, however, seems to be stronger in its concentration. As a matter of fact, I love Lacoste Pour Femme even more than Blv for Women. Lacoste Pour Femme and Lacoste Pour Homme will always be in my wardrobe. I hope they never discontinue these two classics (fingers crossed)!

The opening is floral with a twist, with the twist being a gently spicy touch that modulates pleasantly the dominant florals - freesia and jasmine that is. The freesia comes first, and I detect touches of oleander there too; and then the jasmines moves to the fore. It is a soft jasmine with little earthiness or stem aroma.

The drydown marks the turn into the full floral fest, with a rose emerging that is a little bit bland on me but adds background colour. A hibiscus forms the backbone of the development at this stage, and is all comes together nicely. The whole has a bright-ish and clean feel to it.

The base sees a return to a touch of spice, but this time with a subtle hint of licorice, which combines with a woody note that takes over towards the end. Whilst this is not a very specific notes, a cedar impression is noticeable at times. I get a subtle and fresh powderiness with it, more an elegantly powdery character that a heave and musty boudoir-style powderiness.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and six hours of longevity on my skin.

Whilst not a hotbed of inventiveness, this spring scent, suitable for day as well as for evenings, is crafted well out of ingredients of solid quality. One of the more convincing Lacostes. 3/5.

I like it very much, so smooth and delicate. Feminine and elegant. Highly recommended.

This is another of my favorite fragrances. I get a really fresh out of the shower, soft smell that sticks around for a while. It doesn't scream flowers, fruit, or even perfume. If you like a fragrance that just smells really good and clean (like in Bobbi Brown bath, Philosophy, etc.) then this is for you. It also has the distinct quality of smelling good in all seasons, something you rarely find in a fragrance.

Good, classy summer scent, love the drydown

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