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Rasasi (2012)

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Reviews of La Yuqawam pour Homme by Rasasi

There are 35 reviews of La Yuqawam pour Homme by Rasasi.

It's been a long time since I sampled Tuscan Leather proper, but I remember it feeling smokier than this. Maybe memory is deceiving me.

Anyway, it's similar enough. On my skin, La Yuqawam is a creamy raspberry fog with flickers of animalic suede leather popping up in the midst of it. It all hangs together fairly well and if that suederal leather accord is your thing, this is the best value in town.
Oct 29, 2021

Rasasi La Yuqawam pour Homme (2012) is a fragrance noted for its similarities to Tom Ford Tuscan Leather (2007) and to a lesser extent Parfums de Marly Godolphin (2010), in that it utilizes a sweetened fruity floral leather accord with a slight tobacco undercurrent. What sets La Yuqawam apart from its competitors besides price point is the focus on tobacco late into the dry down of the scent, while the others both seem to ultimately focus on leather in their bases. Of the three, La Yuqawam is also the least floral, as it has none of the rose that Godolphin has, no powderiness so to speak, and doesn't share the aggressive sillage of the Tom Ford. Rasasi as a brand has overall dabbled in "inspired" creations much like Armaf, which some may translate rightfully as clones of far more expensive fragrances, but such is the fragrance culture in the Middle East anyway. Perfume plays a much larger role in day to day activities of most Arab cultures, and it often isn't gendered or seen as just a luxurious frivolity for the upper classes like with Western mindsets, although alongside more-accessible brands like Rasasi, the Arab world still has its haute luxe brands too, sold almost exclusively to wealthy tourists, ruling and merchant families a la Spirit of Dubai. It's pretty common then for brands like Rasasi to look towards the West for popular tropes and styles to bring over to the everyman of the region, but also sell these adaptations back to the West as well, since they're still a much better value for someone not interested in pride of ownership or "quality", but rather just the style and performance of the scent itself.

Whether you agree with these higher-quality "clones" delivering niche style at discount designer prices existing in the first place is irrelevant to the fact that this is still a very well-done modern "sweet" leather, with the additional emphasis on tobacco being something folks not enamored with some of the more fanciful facets of this trope can appreciate. The opening is still a rush of raspberry frambinone "leather" a la Tom Ford, there is no escaping that connection, but the saffron and herbal facets mix with some bitter artemisia to set up for the tobacco-forward finish right away. The core is much the same as Tuscan Leather as well, with mostly jasmine and davana with some olibanum notes for a clean sweet floral lift that gets a bit smoky. This smoke from the olibanum bodes well for the entrance of coumarin into the base, establishing the tobacco vibe that separates La Yuqawam from its higher-priced peers, if the tobacco leaf on the bottle didn't give that away. Cashmeran, clove, amber, and a labdanum-like musk bring in the smooth creamy leather note that accompanies the tobacco, while some off-the-shelf woody ambers remind you of the price you paid for La Yuqawam as opposed to Parfums de Marly or Tom Ford's attempt at hiding them. Wear time is going to be all day with this one, and best use for me is going to be fall through maybe early spring as something for formal situations or when you want to feel classy and mature. In the air, nobody will guess you're wearing a "knock off" of something expensive anyway, but that raspberry note is always there throughout so if that is something you dislike about the others in this style, expect no different here. Projection is at least above moderate.

For me, if you're not so scrupled as to need the "real deal", aka you're the kind of person that gravitates towards brands like Rasasi in the first place because you just can't hang with the fragbros and hypebeasts on Instagram, then La Yuqawam might be your frugal alternative. If you're someone that loves this style and already has the Tom Ford or Parfums de Marly takes on this concept, La Yuqawam may still be a good thing to explore as it is the most "macho" of the three thanks to the dark tobacco riff in the base. Overall, my favorite representative of this style is still going to be Godolphin because I love that floral powderiness in it that this and the Tom Ford lack. Godolphin is just more sophisticated and posh in all the right ways whereas this one just goes right for the throat with that smoky incense, tobacco leaf, and amber, with the raspberry peeking its head out here and there. Rasasi overall is very hit or miss with their takes on various popular niche styles from Creed, Tom Ford, and others, with some people claiming that they have batch issues just like Creed to boot. I do know that whatever the case may be with this scent, it at least did well enough for Rasasi to make flankers of it that don't specifically clone anything, as unlike Armaf, they do have a large number of original compositions mixed into their clone catalog just like Al Haramain. In the end paying $60 for 75ml, you really can't go wrong if you're on a budget and this style of leathery ambery tobacco fits you like a glove. Thumbs up
May 17, 2021

Having read numerous reviews (positive and negative) but never having smell Tom Ford Tuscan Leather, I blind bought this fragrance for $60 online. Three sprays at 8:30am. I got a very fruity vibe, with tobacco/leather undertones. It has been 7 hours and the dry down has proved to be elegant and unobtrusive. The raspberry is still dominant as is the leather. The sillage is moderate and projection is maybe 1-2 feet? Hard to tell. Sitting at a desk, I get a waft now and again. I would describe this as a very masculine scent, not even leaning towards unisex. Is this a beast scent? Not with three sprays.
6 sprays, including your clothing would definitely get you noticed. There are those that wear scents for others and I am not that kind of person. Scents are personal and this one pleases my nose---and my wife's, so that's all that counts. I have been focusing my collection on the Middle Eastern houses and Rasasi is right up at the top, along with Swiss Arabian and Arabian Oud.
Mar 4, 2021

La Yuqawam pour Homme EDP -

Like other frags by Rasasi I have worn, you need to give this one time to develop. Out of the gate, it reminds me of Dior Fahrenheit with the strong violet leaf gasoline accord. All good so far!

Then, you get the TF Tuscan Leather comparisons with the Raspberry note. Saffron is prominent here as well. At this point I am getting concerned as it is getting legs and smelling a lot stronger. Yikes!

After 90 minutes, the blending begins to take shape and round out a bit. This seems to be a characteristic of Rasasi, all signs point to a possible train wreck and then all of a sudden it’s calm waters and smooth sailing. The frag remains very strong, but the composition improves.

Overall, 3 stars, as I would only reach for this on a cold day / evening and IMO it isn’t versatile enough for a work setting.

1 spray is good for 12-15 hours and if it hits your jacket collar then you just signed a 72 hour binding contract.
Nov 16, 2020

Chemical mess, scent notes clash, something doesn't fit well at all with the tobacco, and the (sort of) raspberry is very synthetic.

Glad I was gifted a sample, which saved me from a(nother) bad blind buy..
Dec 2, 2019

Smells noticably like Tuscan Leather. A bit sweeter, more syrupy sweet rasberry. It is loud and lasts at least 24 hours. Probably the longest lasting thing ive tried, edging out Interlude. Had to sell it, just hard to find a time i could wear something so strong. Nice wooden box, presentation was nice.
Jun 22, 2019

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