La Vie est Belle 
Lancôme (2012)

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La Vie est Belle by Lancôme

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La Vie est Belle is a women's perfume launched in 2012 by Lancôme

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Reviews of La Vie est Belle by Lancôme

There are 32 reviews of La Vie est Belle by Lancôme.

Woody, Saccherin, Faux Vanilla Caramel Muck with an inadequate Patch counter, overpowers the Feathers of Jasmine, Austere of Waxy Iris and Delicate sweetness of Blossom.

Insipid Top notes fail to cut through
this Depressive Anaerobic Soup.

A Fine and Vulgar example of NAFF.

I wanted to love this - seems like everyone else does. But to me it smells like an inferior Armani Sì, where the blackcurrant and rose at mixed brilliantly and smells great the whole time.

LVEB radiates to an obnoxious degree - trust me when I tell you, even if you haven't tested this, you HAVE smelled it.

Some reviews mention peach - I guess that's what you could call the disgusting drydown.

This fragrance gets a lot of hate mail. I don’t think it’s warranted in this case. It’s a sweet, and very addictive patchouli, praline and Tonka, and it’s made even more alluring with the use of sweet juicy pear and orange blossom. You do have to enjoy sweet fragrances to like this, but if you do, it’s hard not to like. The other thing that’s amazing here, is the performance. It doesn’t seem like most modern perfumes have much longevity these days, but this is not lacking here. In fact, this one is incredibly strong and projects very well, so go easy on the atomizer. But it will last all day!

The life is beautiful/life is beautiful. I don't care for man made food & chemical notes of the modern perfume world. I tried the perfumed body creme and it wasn't bad at all. I use a dash on pulse points, so not much. It's not too starring, stayed close to me. I didn't get cheap, chemical smell at all. It's nice.

I watched a Jeremy Fragrance Top Women's Perfumes video on YouTube and decided to try them all. I don't regret the experience, but it reinforced how we all have olfactory bias. His is candy sweet with a touch of praline.
Unfortunately the praline is an aromachemical that's been a bugaboo for me since forever. It always smells like burnt caramel to me and ruins any fragrance it's in. When that note's combined with fruit it becomes worse, like burnt fruit stew. Yeah, it's as bad as it sounds. So many of his recommendations were really bad to me.
I've heard about La Vie Est Belle for years, so I don't know if this one started a trend, like popular ones invariably do, or if it'’s copying the dna of a prior popular one (as perfumes invariably do). But I don't really care, they're all swimming in the same school of fish. Most of the ones I sampled in this group smelled of the same burnt fruity caramel.
I can see why it would be popular if you don't have aromachemical issues. It's bright, fun, vivacious, a little bit party-girl, sassy, feminine, sweet. But, like I said, it's similar to many other fragrances that can be described exactly the same way. There's not a lot of depth, and a herd mentality, but really, if it's a fragrance you like that shouldn't matter.
When you find this many similar ones you have the choice of picking the one you like most. But I have to pass on the whole school of fish.

It's actually called La vie est belle l'eau de parfum on my carded sample so it gave me some confusion - at first I thought that's some strange flanker that's not in directory, but no, apparently this is the full name of original La vie est belle.

LVEB line gets a lot of hate among perfumistas, but it's actually a very likeable sweet, feminine and lovely floriental-iris-gourmand scent. A bit too pink for my taste (at least the bottle is definitely too pink for my taste), but it is not that suffocating unbearably sweet monster it's often made out to be. It's a cozy, optimistic and romantic scent. You know what? The bad reputation it gets is probably because of people who spray waaay too much - it is very potent. A little goes a long way, keep that in mind and keep your friends and colleagues sane.

I frequent perfume stores a lot because I like doing sniffing trips after work to distract myself a bit and it's getting hard to count the times I've seen various ladies coming to sniff perfumes, not really liking anything much, and - guess what - after a sales associate shows them La vie est belle, I see their faces light up. And then they say: yes, this one is nice, I like this one! And then they buy it. Because it is very likeable indeed, and the name is inspiring, too - don't we all want our lives to be beautiful?

La vie est belle might be a snobby perfumista repellent, because it's so sweet and likeable and pink and so ultramegapopular to the point it becomes oh so boring, but it's so damn popular for a reason. And that reason is that it's actually blended nicely and women love it - they just do. And my inner hipster might be all ironic about it, but hey, I must admit I'm just another woman, too.

(And's review of this scent is the best thing on this site. Read it, read it. My review is a peasant's one, but that one is an art.)

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