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Les Parfums de Rosine (1991)

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Reviews of La Rose de Rosine by Les Parfums de Rosine

There are 12 reviews of La Rose de Rosine by Les Parfums de Rosine.

A straight to the point chypric rose opening, probably the marigold being a bit strident, but countered by an intoxicating, winey, fermenting grape note. Settles into a pugnacious, ‘perfume' rose (fortified rather than ‘fresh' or ‘real'), with a powdery undertow. Stately and somewhat severe, it makes perfect sense that Rosine would see this grande dame as their flagbearer.
Jun 28, 2012

LA ROSE DE ROSINE strikes me as a classic floral aldehyde of the “old lady” kind–which by the way is a term of endearment, not derogation, in my perfume book. Rose is unsurprisingly the centerpiece of this beautiful composition, created by a house built amazingly upon some person's rose note OCD. And that's a beautiful thing, too, by the way.

The house of Rosine offers a wide variety of finely calibrated yet distinctive rose perfumes, basically covering the entire olfactory map while also focusing on rose. LA ROSE DE ROSINE is closest, according to my nose, to something along the lines of Jean-Charles Brosseau L'OMBRE ROSE, with its vintage vibe. There may even be a touch of good old evernia prunastri here. Anyway, I like this one a lot, and can heartily recommend it to rose-loving aficionados of old-fashioned floral aldehydes on the chypre side.
Jul 30, 2011

I can notice the aforementioned resemblance to Rose Essentielle upon the first spritz. La Rose de Rosine, however, is deeper and a lot more complex than RE while sharing the same soft chypre-ish quality. The notes are more discernable
Then it morphs into something reminiscent of what YSL Paris used to be before the reformulation that rendered it simply smelling of rose scented soap.
It is a big unabashed bouquet of roses in full bloom with accents of violet. Absolutely romantic.
Then it softly morphs into a wonderfully warm and creamy drydown.
The transition from one stage to the other is perfectly smooth.
Aug 28, 2010

A lovely rose that reminds me of Paris, before Paris was reformulated. Has that complexity of florals with dominant notes of rose and violet that Paris used to have. I love it and want it!
Jun 27, 2010

Boozy! It smells like the now discontinued Dilys by Laura Ashley. Fermented fruit and flowers. Ketone-like. Perhaps my sample went bad. Sillage was not great. Lasting power was pretty good. I didn't smell as much like rose as I'd have expected from the name. Compared to Tea Rose, the rose was pretty subdued. At least it didn't give me a headache, as Tea Rose does.
Jul 20, 2008

This rose is fresh, lush and clear, with accents of candied violet dancing off each petal! A stand out among a multitude of rose fragrances. I like it particularly for its' non-cloying authenticity ~ Thumbs up for sure!
Apr 3, 2008

1st try ver close to R Ess, less powder & brightness.. but seems fleeting 2nd try a little too bright & sweet, does fade fast so I prefer Rose Essentielle.
Dec 3, 2007

La Rose de Rosine is a straightforward violet and rose scent that is well-crafted, simple yet deep. I give it a neutral because I am not much of a plain rose--the fruitiness of it bothers me. I prefer the dried fruit and spice Poussiere de Rose and the patchouli of Une Folie de Rose.
Oct 20, 2007

Though I find some Rosines utterly charming, La Rose isn't one of them. Very strong and too sweet to my nose, smells "sticky", not powdery, as I expected it to.
Mar 21, 2007

On me this fragrance is a bit strong, but I get many compliments. It has a good staying power. Better than Annick Goutal's rose absolue, which is 'dusty'This one is more romantic.
Nov 6, 2006

La Rose de Rosine is a clear, vivid rose haunted by hints of violet, iris, and balsam. It's an absolute must-try for rose lovers, and anyone who admires a masterful blend. On my skin, Rose de Rosine in similar to Frederic Malle Lipstick Rose, but it's properly romantic, while Lipstick Rose is overtly lusty. Rose de Rosine is dreamy, powdery, and soft. It reminds me of an Edwardian lady who longs to travel to exotic places.
May 12, 2006

What a wonderful translucent rose scent! Very well as usual from Rosine. I feel this is rather unisex, as comparing it to my Rose D'Homme, I feel this is actually slighty MORE masculine! Real big thumbs up!
Oct 10, 2005

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