La Petite Robe Noire Eau Fraîche : Ma Robe Pétales 
Guerlain (2015)

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La Petite Robe Noire Eau Fraîche : Ma Robe Pétales by Guerlain

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La Petite Robe Noire - Ma Robe Pétales was launched by Guerlain in 2015.The perfume was created by Thierry Wasser and includes notes of mandarin, pistachio, rose and tonka bean.

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Reviews of La Petite Robe Noire Eau Fraîche : Ma Robe Pétales by Guerlain

There are 7 reviews of La Petite Robe Noire Eau Fraîche : Ma Robe Pétales by Guerlain.

I know this one does not have too many fans even among La Petite Robe Noire wearers - I guess it's too "fresh" and not sweet enough for gourmand lovers and too girly-gourmand for lovers of green fragrances, but it's probably my favourite scent from LPRN line and probably my favourite green-ish scent, too. It's a very happy, fruity and nutty, and also fresh, uplifting and joyful scent. It has some lovely apple and pistachio that makes it fun. I believe many people dislike the laundry musks of this one, but I personally enjoy them here a lot, it feels so clean and refreshing while still being a bit gourmand.

When trying to compare it to the other scents of this line, it is probably more similar to Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche than to other little black dresses. There's only a very small hint of cherry and some almond sweetness, but overall feel is light and fresh, with a green and citrusy aura, a bit of floral soapiness and yet it still is verrrry lightly gourmand.

It's a lovely scent for warmer weather, and also has that beautiful combo of being fresh and light enough and comforting enough - just what I crave the most nowadays. Bonus: I love layering it together with Mon Guerlain Eau de Toilette (other Mon Guerlain versions might work well, too, especially the lighter ones). The two just meld together into something that's more than the sum of its parts!

The opening is dominated by a pistachio note on me, whilst squeezing in some brighter mandarin juice. A bright-ish rose follows on soon; it is not very nuanced and a bit plain. Some other florals, like freesia and whiffs of muguet, enforce this floral potpourri. A cherry-like fruitiness appears fleetingly.

The drydown sees the gradual development of a patchouli, that grown well into the final stages; it is quite smooth with a crisp touch here and there, but never very harsh. Other heart notes include sweeter components, like a medium-bodied vanilla and a more restrained sweet almond; both are never intrusively sweet and merge with the pistachio when they first appear. This mix has a bit of an undertone of a sweet lolly at times.

In the base the patchouli eventually takes the lead, and is accompanied by some white musks that are never really strong on me.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection, and six hours =of longevity on my skin.

A pleasant pistaccio-patchpouli floral spring scent in its core, It has its original touches, but some stages as a bit too generic and too overtly synthetic to entice. 2.75/5

Pistachio - most definitely. Then, freesia rears its not-to-be-ignored head. Rose raises its hand, for roll-call. Almond & Tonka bean are nice, little touch. This scent turns almost milky or creamy. An almost whipped cream accord. Not too sweet in my mind. Musk & patchouli add to its girlyness. This, is lovely - not FB worthy but, still lovely.

Oh, how these reviews make me wish for pistachio dryer sheets... Unfortunately, my little mini-bottle of Ma Robe Pétales smells completely different from the reviews here. Perhaps it was yet another ill-advised renaming, which seem to plague the Robe Noire franchise, but I smell mostly mint.

After reviewing a bunch of these, it's clear that the LPRN flankers are generally different remixes of cherry, mint, greens, and marshmallow. Ma Robe Pétales, at least the version I have, focuses on the green aspects.

It's very minty, supported by sharp, candied greens, with a background hum of charred tobacco leaves. Up close, it's weirdly candied while simultaneously boozy, like a big aromatic candy-sweet mint liqueur with a lump of coal sitting next to it. From a distance, walking down the street, it has an odd smell of burnt toothpaste.

I do have a weakness for burnt oddities in my perfumes, but this does very little for me. Mint almost never compliments anything - it works best as a foil or a counterpoint to other elements, and sitting here all upfront and boozy and oversweetened, it just doesn't hold much appeal. Oh well.

Fresh, Floral & Fun.
Pistachio Dryer Sheets.*
Not bad on a guy.

* = from Jessica's brilliant description on NST

Another part of the series Robe Noire! A sense of happiness, serenity and optimism. It is softer, lighter, less sophisticated, fresher and more casual than the original. Nothing special, not bad but not a breathtaking masterpiece. A romantic floral bouquet, a declaration of femininity. Sweet, versatile, youngish, cheerful, seductive and enchanting.

The fragrance's top notes like a soft citrus garden breeze bringing forward a lovely blend of pistachio. The heart notes emerge with elegant floral hints of rose and jasmine, dew of freesia and almond blossom. The base lingers a warm trail of almond, patchouli, tonka beana and musk makes a true cindrella among others of similar range, romantic and fairy tale like in so many ways. Easily a daytime scent.

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