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La Perla (2004)

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La Perla Blue by La Perla

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La Perla Blue is a women's perfume launched in 2004 by La Perla

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Reviews of La Perla Blue by La Perla

There are 2 reviews of La Perla Blue by La Perla.

La Perla Blue is a quiet and carefree summer scent. I try not to hold against it the fact that it is blue, but instead just enjoy it for what it is - a soft floral over a slightly watery undercurrent.

It burst open with a zesty citrus tip, where I smell quite a bit of lemon, and moves into a smooth, pastel floral. I get a lot of violet, a maybe a bit of magnolia, but it is never sharp. All this plays out over a vague, watery aspect, a wet and cool humidity. It somewhat reminds me of Reflection Woman in that way, soft florals next to a wading pond or fountain. It closes with soft woods and a hint of patchouli.

A blue fragrance to enjoy if you are in the mood for a simple summer scent.

I acquired a bottle of La Perla BLUE scent unsniffed on the strength of my nose's reception to the original LA PERLA, which I find simply fantastic. My hope was that the house of La Perla would prove to be similar to that of Trussardi: a hidden treasure trove bearing within it many beauties to be unearthed.

What I have found is that BLUE is not nearly so appealing to me as LA PERLA, but it's a bit difficult to say why. One problem is the generally strange quality of BLUE as regards category. It's sort of a chypre, and not really aquatic but somehow watery. BLUE combines notes in an original way which makes it difficult to wrap my nose around. I want to like it, and I've been working my way through the bottle in an effort to gain a deeper understanding of this perfume, but I have to say that it does not really fill me with delight.

Yes, BLUE is wearable, and a perfectly fine choice for summertime, in that it is light and carefree and does not degrade in the heat. However, I don't find myself worrying about how I'll replenish this supply once it has been depleted. I tend to prefer declarative, unequivocal perfumes with clean lines. BLUE is just a touch too blurry and vague. Perhaps what really matters in the end is that I simply do not derive the same sense of refreshment from BLUE as I do from my other summertime scents.

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