La Peau Nue 
Céline (2019)

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Excellent modern green chypre, very 19… Elegant.Could be a nice alternative to it as there’s complaints on current 19
The aldehyde top is replaced by a “carrotey” iris, soon getting richer and more buttery, in the base a nice modern vetiver.
Very good
Sep 4, 2021

A beautiful black haired,grey eyed woman dressed in a garden, champagne and small incredibly detailed cakes.parasols and walks at dusk through long grass.she knows who to flash a gentle and playful smile that gives any guy the cue to take charge.this strikes me as a sister to Chanel No 5.wood covered with powder, flowers and good quality of on old classy is so french.

The opening has a strong presence of the rose and a hint of aldehyde.the vetiver gives it a dry,vaguely smoky,tempting ly masculine edge while the orris speak softly and hints at sensuousness womanly wiles.the dry down much like some vintage fragrances of mine like Miss Dior.Incredibly lovely scent like an old friend who really understands has very good longevity but wears very close to the skin.
Apr 30, 2021

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