La Panthère Noir Absolu fragrance notes

    • gardenia, oud, musk

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A dark dusty gardenia infused in to a musky/resinous carnal fruity blanket with a final woody/smoky soul. Really a dark and sultry oriental appointed for the oriental (Middle Eastern) market waving out in a smoky mysterious way. This formula adds smoky/dusty mistiness to a classic organic (landmark-La Panthére) exoticism (fruity/musky sultriness). I detect classic chypre elements and a really exotic enigmatic oudish aura. A leafy royal gardenia tames and civilizes (in a classic european way) this purely oriental steamy mélange. Muskiness is kind of warm and carnal but the general structure is wisely balanced by a western classic chypre mastery. A sort of initial soapy-spicy gardenia is quite soon embraced by a warm musky mantle which is finally nuanced by hints of smoky and dry spicy/woody resins plus cooler (lightening and balancing) fruity floral patterns. Pure oriental felíne beauty by the eminent jewelry brand and classy Cartier's craftsmanship.

25th February 2021