La Nuit Trésor Intense fragrance notes

  • Head

    • damask rose
  • Heart

    • black cherry
  • Base

    • almond milk, vanilla

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Smells like La Nuit Tresor but a bit less ooey gooey praline. This has that super sweet fruitchouli DNA that is so popular now, but it’s a more elegant composition. She is vivacious, gregarious, sassy, and maybe a little loud. She’s a good natured bonne vivante and makes people feel good. She calls you Honey, Sweetie, Darling and you take these endearments in stride.

The first spritz is a bit rough. The sour cherry and smell a bit synthetic with a strong alcohol tagging along, but it goes away quickly as the rose and vanilla emerge. Once again it takes a quick turn as the chocolate creeps in along with the patchouli and almond, really deepening and softening the edges of the fragrance. 

By today's standards, La Nuit Trésor Intense is sexy, alluring, and in your face but in a way that says “move closer.” Definitely not one you'd wear to the office, and this coming from someone who has zero problems wearing perfumes to work that most people would call night/date/party scents. You can to layer it with Lolita Lempika Sweet and this brings out the cherry even more.
4th March 2023