La Nuit Trésor Eau de Parfum 
Lancôme (2015)

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La Nuit Trésor Eau de Parfum by Lancôme

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La Nuit Trésor Eau de Parfum is a women's perfume launched in 2015 by Lancôme

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Reviews of La Nuit Trésor Eau de Parfum by Lancôme

There are 6 reviews of La Nuit Trésor Eau de Parfum by Lancôme.

Oh, wow. Love at first sniff. What a beautiful, floral and not overly sweet vanilla (despite the praline). I tried it at the airport and bought a bottle 15 minutes later. Good performances, without too much evolution, and it’s perfect as it is.

Could there have been a reformulation of La Nuit Tresor in its short life? I’m getting a fairly different reaction to it than other reviews. It lists praline, incense and vanilla (orchid). Several mentioned it’s gourmand quality and it’s praline note. I’m really getting none of those. I’m assuming the praline is similar to Lancôme’s popular La Vie est Belle, which was awful on me, as were several similar pink fragrances with praline. I register zero of that aromachemical here.
If there was no reformulation, my nose is wildly divergent on La Nuit Tresor, and I’m glad of that, because I find it very pretty, very romantic, and not very ‘Nuit’, a simple delight.
It makes a woman feel good in her skin. It’s a little simplistic, but I really don’t mind, because for me it brought an uncomplicated effortless beauty and romance. I own some admirable fragrances, but I always have room for one like this.
It isn’t wedding romantic, or diva love. It’s ‘sitting in the car next to a great swoony down-to-earth guy at a drive-in movie’ romantic. Put yourself there, then imagine this fragrance on.
It’s sweet, sensual, and with a true heart. It has no gamesmanship, no ulterior motive. If this fragrance likes you, you’re lucky. It will draw to you those with good intent.
Sometimes when I wear it, soap will come out; it becomes more of a clean soapy rose. That may be from the musk, as I detect some of that musk sparkiness. But it is still lovely.

This reminds me so much of Angel but I like Angel much better. It smells nothing like Tresor. I bought it for the bottle and I'm not unhappy about that. It is doubtful I will wear the juice very often although my husband seems to like it a lot. I only put a small amount on both wrists but you can smell me coming a block away. Therefore, not something to wear to work -- be forewarned.

OMG. I tried on this one yesterday because of the so many reiews around the web and I cannot stop sniffing my wrist, even after a shower and one layer of scented body moisturizer.

Seriously, I want to rip my skin and eat that area where the fragrance was set. But, even though it is so nice and soft and comfy, I already own more than one gourmand and this one is too edible and familiar.

It is mainly praline all the way, pretty linear, but you can still get hints of vanilla and lychee.

A veritable potion of olfactory seduction. La Nuit Tresor is inspired by the eternal elegance of little black dresses and confidence that is gives to women.the original Tresor evokes timeless beauty and glamour,while the flanker turns the young women and self confidence and is dedicated to the night and voluptuous irresistible,sensual,sweet, glamorous, sultry,complex,tempting and intoxicating,just like you.

It is opening notes of succulent pear and litchi,this powerful fragrance gives way to intoxicating vanilla orchid, magnetic rose,intense patchouli and fine strawberry for utter enchantment. a great and sultry base notes of hypnotic incence and depth vanilla & caramel its magic power with every step for a woman impossible to forget.if you are looking for a great sweet and trendy concoction for a glamorous night out that lasts for a longer tim,this is what you need.

Bad tempered purple fruity chypre, explicitly reminiscent of Black Cassis by Berkeley Square
except this one comes with a garnish of nutty praline and incense : one star out of five.

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