La Nuit 
Paco Rabanne (1985)


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La Nuit by Paco Rabanne

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La Nuit is a women's perfume launched in 1985 by Paco Rabanne

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Reviews of La Nuit by Paco Rabanne

There are 26 reviews of La Nuit by Paco Rabanne.

You are a horse. A horse with really big hair. You walk through a flowery cedar forest on a cool Spring evening. The powdery scent of hairspray trails behind you.

The forest floor is strewn with flowers. The flowers get deeper and deeper. Eventually the sea of flowers reaches up to your very sweaty horse knees. Dark rose petals, honeyed jasmine, basil and artemisia are crushed beneath your hooves as you walk towards a urinal in the darkening distance.


La Nuit is one of my favorites. I wear it more than I should, considering how little of it is left in the world.

This is a real chypre reminder from a time when oakmoss and civet clasped hands and fearlessly stood out in the forefront, unapologetically plowing ahead of the other notes like a battering ram instead of meekly hiding behind the sweet and girly notes like most newer modern chypre creations. Sophisticated, yet dirty, with just enough pretty to be worn by an elegant woman. There is an intense skankiness, but it is combined with equally intense soapiness.

The patchouli gives it a subtle earthiness while the oakmoss, which isn't at all overpowering, affords the bitter characteristic of a classic chypre, and the distinctive floral scent must be the combination of the jasmine, and rose. All the moss and earrh and animal underneath keep this one natural and beautiful, making it smell like a proper living garden. La Nuit is a great scent like Montana de Peau, Ivoire, Knowing, Poison... All 80s iconics. It is a shame that today you just can't find perfumes like this anymore.

The EDP is an incredible mega-chypre, a legend in its own right, ferociously rich, honeyed, animalic, and sinful. Those who appreciate the likes of Kouros, Antaeus, Furyo, and the like, must seek this out as the more floral, aromatic counterpart, brimming with oversized roses and skanky jasmine. A civet has played dirty tricks in the garden, such mischief!

The most exquisite filth imaginable, decadent, unyielding (go light on the sprays!).

With La Nuit, are you the hunter or are you the hunted??

Carnal Leather Chypre, pissy a souhait.
Not for the faint

A handsome big boned chypre you half expect to have long raven hair and fangs to go with her blood red satin gown. This is a gripping spectacle of gothic theatre, more sinister than the cold wind of Poison (also 1985), truly magnificent. Now where's that Temple of Love extended HQ remix?


I used up a tiny sample, someone had sent as a swap. I had a miniature of this a long time ago. Wow! I had forgotten how beautiful La Nuit is. One whiff, took me back in time. They don't make them like this, anymore.
Musty, musky, airy, animalic, earthy, honeyed mild floral masterpiece chypre. If you can get your hands on a sample, you Must try it. Vintage Rabanne's are always worth while. This is no exception.

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