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Miller Harris (2011)

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Reviews of La Fumée Classic / La Fumée by Miller Harris

There are 19 reviews of La Fumée Classic / La Fumée by Miller Harris. I've been feeling "restless" again and decided to (try) expanding my "go-to" fragrance wardrobe. I love every note ingredient listed in this perfume. I usually prefer incense fragrances with somewhat of a floral, or rose overtone. La Fumee listed as a nearly "straight-up" incense fragrance. So, after reading many reviews and viewing YouTube videos, I thought I'd purchase a large sample, give this much noted fragrance a try.

I AM IN LOVE with this fragrance, I am. And while so different from my usual blends, La Fumee is eerily similar to the rose, oud, wood, resin, patchouli, sandalwood stuff that I love. This fragrance is absolutely beautiful. As a more "linear" fragrance than what I usually wear, I love the simplicity and purity of this fragrance a whole lot!

The opening is intoxicating with glorious incense notes followed by a rather intense smokiness, which I love! Throughout the opening, I couldn't refrain from smelling my inner wrists and forearms. I find La Fumee totally feminine when shortly after the opening notes, creamy, silky, velvety, smooth ethereal vanilla notes rise and interplay with the ongoing lovely incense & smokiness!

Dreamy and almost light (which I'm starting to prefer, given my fragrances tend to play heavy with resinous, rather oily notes), La Fumee cloaked me in a cloud of smoky, creamy, resinous, vanilla, woody incense. The fragrance places me in a near meditative, dream-like really does!

Middle floral notes quickly emerge and once again mingle nicely with all the notes and scents in play. And while I would not consider this fragrance to be complex in nature, somehow all the notes blend together nicely and land in pleasant harmony.
I imagine there's elemi, sandalwood and other woodsy, resinous notes emerging, which contribute to the pleasant dry down and base.

I did not think silage was great but when I picked my husband up from work, he immediately commented on how I (and his truck) "smelled like incense." Interesting. Now, I timed all of this loveliness and I'd say the fragrance greatly diminished on my skin at approximately 3.5 to 4 hours. So, for me longevity is moderate, not great.

As another reviewer stated, "This truly is magical stuff."

Now, I hope I didn't make an egregious error, however after reading reviews forever and contemplating a full-bottle purchase, I did purchase a full bottle of La Fumee "Intense" earlier today. Apparently, a similar yet different animal, I hope I love "Intense" as much as I love "Classic". If not, I'll likely resell my purchase on eBay and purchase La Fumee Classic, which I truly adore.

I love this fragrance. I can see wearing it for quite some time to come.
Oct 10, 2019

Im keeping this brief i either love fragrances or loathe them ...i really wanted to like this fragrance but O My Gees its smells terrible on my skin so bad that its making me feel ill (sadly)
Aug 24, 2019

I love smoky balsamic scents, and I'm really into this one. It's a spicy/woody incense that stays fairly linear on my skin but that's okay with me. I enjoy cumin in perfume and here the warm-skin scent it imbues is for me enhanced by the cardamom and coriander. And these spice notes feel dry like the seeds in my kitchen jars which helps give this scent a dusty aged character that I like. I have a jar of dried chamomile too, and here its creaminess, along with the labdanum, goes beautifully with the resins and smoke. The lavender plays a bigger part in the meld than I first realised - I can pick out this note among the others throughout, but like I mentioned, I get a fairly steady linearity from the start. Elemi up top and amber at the base ensure resinous tones through this too. The arid parchment-like quality eases after an hour or so and gives way to a woodier vibe with sharpish cedar sap; leathery birch; creamy sandalwood, and a beautifully restrained drop of oud. As it moves further into dry-down a slight sweetish floral tone comes out in the woodiness. Overall, this starts as an ancient book might smell, then later reminds me of inside a dusty old chest of drawers that once had lavender drawer-liners. Not a great deal of development but I really enjoy wearing it all the same.
Feb 8, 2019

La Fumee is a standard citrus-woody fragrance with some touches of incense and resin. The citrus I smell here mostly hints at orange. It is a bit reminiscent of Terre d'Hermes, and more so of Declaration (perhaps due to the cumin). Surprisingly, the citrus note sort of hangs in there and comes back now and then. Hints of leather and smoke in the dry down, but the overall vibe is very reserved and conservative. Sillage is close, and duration is at around six hours based on a moderate application.

La Fumee is well crafted, easy-to-wear, and versatile; I would use it as an office scent, or something a little more casual. My gripe with La Fumee is common to all Miller Harris scents I've tried. They are rather unexciting and lack a spark or two - at least, for me. Among light or middleweight smoky-woody scents, I find Comme des Garcons Black far more interesting and lively.

Jan 26, 2019

Sad story alert!
Application recommendation: direct apply on skin, as it needs warmth to do the justice!

La fumee(original one as in the profile imagery, with white textbox delineating words 'la Fumee' on the box and bottle ) is always proudly on my top 5, and also the one that got me to the house 'Miller Harris' back in 2012. Still recall the evening when I was walking through the hallway to my flat following the trail my first 50 ml La fumee left in the air from the mail delivery.
I don't have that haunting 50 ml bottle with me now, but the standing out notes are scorching birch, cardamom and woodsy ashy dry incense/cedar. Rarely but it did have a dense oud feel sometimes. So intense and potent as it was that I had to use sparingly and eventually chucked under the bed!! My snap-cap Jubilation XXV did not even come head to head with La Fumee in terms of performance and complexity.
I missed it one autumn and bought the bottle in the middle which turned out to be a new packaging/reformulated bottle, I though appreciate the improved wearability and the backbone still being intact and recognizable, its enhanced cumin note is really stealing the thunder and reforming the original ethereal incensy temple vibe into a rosy human-like with BO. The rose/geranium+resin is quite uplifting and crisp, bringing the brightness and light-duty quality which the 2012 bottle lacks, however cumin and coriander seed are also there, pretty much always there like annoying neighbor kids, keep reminding of sweaty skin. The projection is good and persistent, for better or for worse, just however thinner and duller, becoming less distinctive and shying away into a crowd with Ambre Sutan or Dzongkha or Casbah or any amber/incense offering from a designer high end line.
Blind bought the Intense at TJMaxx hoping the whole series could forget about cumin all together, it did! But I can hardly say it's even more interesting than the BO infused airy ambery La fumee, it's surely weightier with the density more on incense/woods, but character is missing, just distorted La Fumee DNA with 5% decrease here and 10% increase there. A cumbersome reattempt of 2012 La Fumee, and the longevity is painful among them all!
I think my exploration with 'La Fumee series' or perhaps Miller Harris ends here with my new addition of a 100ml 2012 bottle, I don't know what has happened with the company and its past repackaging/reformulation, this 2012 bottle is not as strong or as multi-faceted as I remembered, but close, rose is muted, cumin is only discernible after hours of development, and yes it develops, I can get cold and fleeting lavender in the beginning, then cedar is smoother along with the sandalwood. Labdanum is dense like oud but balanced. Lasting power is jolly good as well, best I must say.
Anyways, all in all, I like the 50ml 2012 La Fumee the most, followed by the 100ml (left) then the reformulated La Fumee(middle). I don't care much for Intense nor do I wish to risk anymore for ''la Fumee Classic" or last-year- repackaged 'La fumee'. (again?!)
Also I have La Fumee Arabie (100ml edition) too, forgettable with miserable projection, only not as bad as gutted new Memoir Man.
Lesson learnt for me: never get too emotional and attached to one scent, as the maker clearly doesn't even have the intention to let you. Everything's got to be changed eventually!
(Good use of current cumin infused La Fumee, quite a handful sprays ON SKIN then some good rubbing of onion to where you just applied, then inhale deeply, ~ha! Any South Asian fling you used to have just floats up to your cheeky memory,uh?)
Oct 5, 2018

When I placed my order for this fragrance I instantly thought "Oh no what have I done". I have had the "smokey fire like" scents before and absolutely hated them. I fell for the reviews online and reveiws on youtube and I do not regret this purchase at all. I will say the first 10 minutes isn't the best for myself. It is a fire (of logs and melting plastic) and this weird "perfumey" essence... then I get the hints of cardamom, incense and frankincense mingling as the fire falls into the background. It turns into a pleasant smokey scent with some cedar, woody notes and finally the amber to add some sweetness. Overall this is a solid thumbs up but I would TRY BEFORE YOU BUY with this one. I find this to be a true unisex early on but as it dries I feel it leans masculine. Also, it is a winter fragrance IMO and a casual scent or something for the weekends. Enjoy!
Jun 16, 2017

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