La Fille de Berlin 
Serge Lutens (2013)

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Reviews of La Fille de Berlin by Serge Lutens

There are 25 reviews of La Fille de Berlin by Serge Lutens.

It is not easy, how to explain or describe something as interesting as La Fille de Berlin, for a scent expert it is a joke, let's say too easy, but for a lover of delicious scents like me, who has no professional training, it is a challenge. The simplest and most straightforward would be: a powerful and sensual pink, with spicy undertones that over time, that combination tends to perish to a strange menthol pink, which changes, between that menthol and that sensual spiciness. I know it sounds very feminine, but my friend, if you are a bold man, this can be really good for you.
Oct 26, 2021

The rose is a holy chime of delicate folds that rings of the ethereal, the mystical, the magical; its innate beauty speaks to the soul; and remains an enduring symbol of legend and poetry… Serge Lutens' La fille de Berlin captures this spirit seamlessly through a minimalist accord that is seductive, heady, and sumptuous like the finest of wines, leaving one in an inebriated swoon of olfactory rapture. Any enthusiast who enjoys classicism and tradition in their wardrobe, surely will fall head over heel for this delectable ‘fille’. Here the mighty rose is paired naturally with its kin of palmarosa and geranium, alongside honey nectar touches rounded by moss and patchouli that raise the composition like a dizzying sip from a golden chalice... Simply, it is a dominant rose of bounty that executes its throwback theme harmoniously; capturing a splendour that is rich, timeless and intoxicating. Ahh, to drink from the cup of thy Maker… Rose lovers rejoice!
Oct 10, 2021

To me this smells like slightly peppered and dried rose petals. There's a very slight resinous-smoky feel in the background, and there's also some patchouli. It's a calm, contemplative, mature, slightly muted scent. A little bit dusty - just like the dried roses get slightly dusty-aromatic when you keep them in your room for a few years. I like it, I do, but it's not a love for me.
Aug 23, 2021

I tried this sample with some trepidation, as a review I read on a different site described it as a rose growing in "the ruins of Berlin after the War", which was very off-putting. There was nothing like that in my experience of this scent, fortunately. It is a simply a beautiful rose chypre, with notes of violet, amber and musk, and I absolutely love it. Rose scents can be tricky, either veering towards strawberry jam or shampoo, but La Fille de Berlin stayed resolutely rosy, with the additional notes deepening and providing a warm background to the rose. It never become too sweet on my skin, and lasted a good four hours. I'd really love an FB of this and only wish it wasn't so expensive - but in this case I think the price does reflect the quality of the ingredients. Incidentally, the scent is said to be unisex, but quite honestly I think it would be difficult for a guy to pull this off. But why not, if he has the confidence? It would smell wonderful on anyone.
Aug 17, 2020

If Sa Majesté La Rose is a rose soliflore, then La Fille de Berlin is a blooming, breathing rose upon the skin of you or someone you like. There is the rose, crimson, large and living, incredibly deep and vivid; accentuated with a touch of pepper, it is sometimes a bit icy and a bit metallic. There are some hints at fresh green notes and berries, but it is always about the rose. There is no surprise or twist here, as La Fille de Berlin slowly grows mellow over several hours to a base of rosy amber/woods/musk. There's no discernible amber or musk, as they have been rightly compromised to make way for the rose.

In a range that often gives us sweet perfumes, La Fille de Berlin is completely devoid of any sweetness. Its vivacity reminds me of Lipstick Rose, but it is perhaps closest to Rossy de Palma in terms of scent profile; but there are key differences. Rossy de Palma is more fresh-green, and there is a definite focus on patchouli in the later stages. La Fille de Berlin is all about the rose, left, right and centre.

La Fille de Berlin could be deceptive as a nice but simple rose fragrance, but I find it to be a tremendous tour-de-force composition, a rare specimen of graceful magnificence, transitioning ever so slightly from cool to warm, and a perfume of unparalleled beauty, and sometimes just a little quirky. It exists in the most crowded category of floral perfumes, but stands alone where no one else does.

I enjoy La Fille de Berlin even more in cold, crisp weather; otherwise it transcends fashion, styles, gender and the hour of the day. Perfection, irrespective of whether worn in or out of context, and it can be worn for weeks as it becomes a second skin. Lush, elegant, contemporary, urbane, intelligent, a complete head turner, and finally a bit emotional and remarkably memorable; deadly and devastating in the best possible ways.

Apr 11, 2019

The rose is peppery-sweet. The amber, musk, and patchouli have a balsamic buzziness about them. Rich, dark, deep.
Aug 10, 2018

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