La Fille de Berlin 
Serge Lutens (2013)

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La Fille de Berlin by Serge Lutens

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La Fille de Berlin is a shared scent launched in 2013 by Serge Lutens

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Reviews of La Fille de Berlin by Serge Lutens

There are 28 reviews of La Fille de Berlin by Serge Lutens.

If you like a sweetened rose, give this a try. I think rose is already sweet enough so it doesn't require additional sweetness. I don't think I would have a problem with honeyed roses, but there is some sourness and tanginess that turns me off.

This is wine-like red rose. I usually enjoy rose, but not done in this way.

This is a rose with a lot to say, many pages to its storybook, and while it comes off as sweet, with a soft side upon application, it reveals a candor that may surprise and bewilder about fifteen minutes or so after it warms on the skin.

I'd like to point out that not only do we have geranium here in all its glory, playing what almost seems like a dual role, until we notice there's another rosy character in the mix: palmarosa. This plant exudes an essential oil from its grassy leaves and its stems, and henceforth there is this somewhat grassy, stemmy character along with its high Geraniol content. As it in the same family as lemongrass, there are some qualities shared, but it's more the 'rosegrass' counterpart. I find this addition to be the most interesting quality of La Fille, as it serves as a counterpoint to the jammier, damascone-heavy qualities of the rose note, thereby making the overall feel not so dense at this point in the development. Don't be mistaken though, this Fille is rich and voluptuous.

Further into the base of the dry down, we feel more of a pressed-rose drydown (perhaps the pressed rose was found in the aforementioned storybook?), and things are more austere, yet earthy. The honey is more a supporting note, seamlessly connected with the rosy elements as they subside. This is very much a unisex scent as well, it doesn't suggest any gender or persuasion, it just is an experience (as most fragrances should be perceived). There is no one occasion for which it should be worn, not one type of attire, nor any particular season. It's just to be worn and to be present with, for however long it plays on your body...

One of the loveliest rose perfumes I've encountered.

La Fille de Berlin mingles a realistic, but rich, rose with a dark, enigmatic base that feels like classic Sheldrake in its syrupy and fruity tones. It's simple but immaculate and thankfully avoids the rubbery/jammy tones that so often embalm heavier rose notes.

It is not easy, how to explain or describe something as interesting as La Fille de Berlin, for a scent expert it is a joke, let's say too easy, but for a lover of delicious scents like me, who has no professional training, it is a challenge. The simplest and most straightforward would be: a powerful and sensual pink, with spicy undertones that over time, that combination tends to perish to a strange menthol pink, which changes, between that menthol and that sensual spiciness. I know it sounds very feminine, but my friend, if you are a bold man, this can be really good for you.

The rose is a holy chime of delicate folds that rings of the ethereal, the mystical, the magical; its innate beauty speaks to the soul; and remains an enduring symbol of legend and poetry… Serge Lutens' La fille de Berlin captures this spirit seamlessly through a minimalist accord that is seductive, heady, and sumptuous like the finest of wines, leaving one in an inebriated swoon of olfactory rapture. Any enthusiast who enjoys classicism and tradition in their wardrobe, surely will fall head over heel for this delectable ‘fille’. Here the mighty rose is paired naturally with its kin of palmarosa and geranium, alongside honey nectar touches rounded by moss and patchouli that raise the composition like a dizzying sip from a golden chalice... Simply, it is a dominant rose of bounty that executes its throwback theme harmoniously; capturing a splendour that is rich, timeless and intoxicating. Ahh, to drink from the cup of thy Maker… Rose lovers rejoice!

To me this smells like slightly peppered and dried rose petals. There's a very slight resinous-smoky feel in the background, and there's also some patchouli. It's a calm, contemplative, mature, slightly muted scent. A little bit dusty - just like the dried roses get slightly dusty-aromatic when you keep them in your room for a few years. I like it, I do, but it's not a love for me.

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