La dompteuse encagée, floral, almond and bright is the new eau de parfum in Serge Lutens' Collection noire. Muzzled language, moulded from a one and only way of thinking, "La dompteuse encagée" reminds us of the hazards of a society on the lookout for the slightest misstep. But hope lives on, in the revelation of a frangipani blossom that can be savoured... right here on the skin!                                 

La Dompteuse Encagée fragrance notes

    • almond, frangipani blossom, ylang ylang

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The polite and demure child of Datura Noir and A La Nuit. It's ok, nothing special and I'm not blown away by it. If you want real almonds try Louve.
16th November 2022
Sweet yellow floral with a hint of citrus. Apparently there is a "tropical" element, but I don't really get it. Doesn't capture my attention.
15th April 2022

Thumbs up if you are looking for a radiant ylang-ylang fragrance. It starts with a subtle spice blend and a whiff of peach but soon ylang-ylang becomes the main note. It reminds me of Terracotta by Guerlain, though not as blindingly bright. If you are looking for a sophisticated tropical, beachy scent, this might do nicely,
22nd April 2021