The first Gwen Stefani fragrance, created by Coty Prestige. The L comes from Stefani's clothing line, L.A.M.B and stands for Love.

The fragrance will be available exclusively at Nordstrom's from July 2007 and will then be more widely distributed from September.

L - L.A.M.B fragrance notes

  • Head

    • leafy water hyacinth, fresh pear, violet leaves, white freesia, 'sparking green freshness'
  • Heart

    • jasmine, rose, muguet, sweet pea, orange blossom
  • Base

    • peach skin, frangipani, heliotrope, sensual musk

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i had the body lotion of this back in 08 or 09. probably because a whole bottle of designer fragrance wasn't exactly age appropriate for a 13-14 year old. nonetheless, i loved it then and i still love it now, after finally biting the bullet and tracking down a secondhand bottle now that i'm a grownup with my own money, haha!

it starts off as a very alcoholic, almost boozy strawberry-pear for me, and dries down to a lovely aquatic floral-fruit. the peach base note is quite apparent on my skin. while i don't think i would actively look for another fragrance like this one anymore, i have only pleasant memories and opinions of this scent, even if it was totally out of my league as a teen. i find it quite sexy and probably aimed at a slightly older age group with a more refined and educated taste in fragrance and i have no idea how i managed to appreciate it so much as a peabrained 14 year old, but i'm certainly not complaining, lol.

i will take good care of my bottle so i can appreciate the good memories as long as possible, and if by some chance it ever gets rereleased, maybe i'll wear it regularly again!
19th December 2020
Since I am new on the subject of fragrance I will not try to describe the different notes as ya'll are doing until my senses are more refined.

However, I will say that a few years ago I bought the gift set with the perfume, lotion, and body wash. Oh wow. It smelled great! In fact, my female friends asked me what it was I was wearing so that they can purchase it for themselves. It made me feel good!

More recently I bought another bottle. I was expecting it to be as good as it was previously. Yet, for whatever reason it was not. I did not like it as much as I once did. The scent was the same as I remember but I believe my taste had changed in the interim. It is my belief that this fragrance is aimed at the 20+ crowd. Given the intense floral & fruity notes.

Oanh Schlesinger
20th October 2014

It has a fresh, watery, and musky scent.
It is a floral-muguet type of perfume.

To me there is an annoying sharp scent.
Bought it based on a card sample that I had, but was disappointed that it didn't smell as I though it would.
and I have to agree with (blood orange) that is smells better as a shampoo or shower gel not as a perfume.
17th October 2014
This got me loads of compliments from my mother and her friends, none from men. Obviously appeals to women more educated in fragrance than the younger audience so for a very reasonable outlay it's a soft womanly scent. I didn't get the fruit with my skin but freesia in full bloom settling to a slightly powdery floral musk
30th December 2011
It took me a year to resolutely decide to make this fragrance my own. It has a very fleshy scent to it, due to the peach and musk. Crudely, I might even go so far as to say it smells like skin in the heat of "the moment" (**wink wink**).

I don't quite smell the aqueous nature of this fragrance as I do the musk. It does have a youthful quality to it. No one has ever commented on my fragrance, good or bad. I know I wear this only for me and not to impress or attract others. I think it's simply an acquired taste.
10th December 2011
Was it the "sparkling green freshness" (note scare quotes...) or perhaps the leafy water hyacinth amalgmated to pears and white freesia? All I know is that the moment I made the fated decision to don Gwen Stefani L-LAMB in a store today, it became clear that I had made a very serious mistake. Instant headache in a bottle! My poor little neurons were pulsating in pain until I finally made my way out of the store and into the abundant fresh air of the parking lot, where I hyperventilated for several minutes in order to flush out all of my suffering, suffocating cells.

Never again will I subject myself to such torture. I tested a few of the Harajuku Lovers collection a while back, which were so banal and BHT-laden that I could only come up with haiku reviews, but L is positively toxic on my skin. Gwen Stefani now numbers among my select list of celebrity "perfumers" to scrupulously avoid.

The bottle should have been the biggest warning sign of all. Cheap plastic huge cap, the very antithesis of fondle-worthy, a complete and utter aesthetic mess. Honestly, it brought back memories of a yuppie couple I once knew who had silverware that was so cheap and flimsy and battered and ugly that it looked as though it might have been lifted from a hospital cafeteria. But I digress...

Bad bottle, worse contents. Thank goodness I set my skepticism about induction temporarily to one side and had the good sense not to buy this one blind. Oh my, I must be suffering memory loss from today's poisoning: I have yet to describe the smell of this "perfume"! Think BEYOND PARADISE plus molten plastic and insecticide.
8th November 2011
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