L’Homme Prada Water Splash 
Prada (2019)

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Reviews of L’Homme Prada Water Splash by Prada

There are 3 reviews of L’Homme Prada Water Splash by Prada.

Don't remember why I had high hopes for this one. Maybe because it's Prada, maybe the good reviews. Thank God I only purchased a sample. And that sample will be in the garbage later tonight.
First off: low quality.
Second: smells unisex.
And third, it just doesn't smell very good. There's really not much else.
Too much floral, too much powder, not nearly enough masculine.
Oh, one more thing. Overly synthetic.
You like Prada? Stick with their Luna Rossa lines. Leave this alone. Hopefully it'll go away.
Jul 18, 2019

Very similar to the original L’Homme, it’s an iris-centric, soapy scent but slightly lighter and I get more florals. I don’t really get any aquatic or watery feel from Water Splash.

Performance is good all around with good projection for maybe 6 hours and you can still smell in skin after 8 hours.
Jun 1, 2019

Fantastic scent.
This is Classy and completely stunning smelling.

A bit late in discovering this Prada line, but I feel I need to sample more from the Prada range.
I'm a big fan of Iris, one of my fave notes.... But this takes it in a very different way, soapy fresh and clean. Perfect smell. Very versatile. Light but above average longevity.
6hrs then gets close to the skin, but perfect for the warmer weather.

Scent 10
Longevity 7.5
Silage 7
May 16, 2019

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