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For me , this opens smelling like a tasty strong handcrafted beer...this is joined by a caramely sweet fruity essence with a nice undertone of oud...There is an animalic tone lurking around...more resin, wood and patch notes join the mix...as a kind of counter balance to the sweetness I find the vanilla to have more of a dark side...as ive often mentioned , not a big fan of gourmands , but i like this scent...not bothered by the sweetness at all...interesting juice that steps out of the norm...i would call this an Animalic Oriental Gourmand...very nice....Throughout the whole run i got random whiffs of that beer smell...
Aug 24, 2020

A sensual, multi-faceted experience this one! Kuwait - a part of the "Gulf Collection" of Middle-Eastern themed scents from Roja Dove - is a laid-back affair, full of character that keep the mind engaged with every whiff!

Kuwait enchants with several accords dancing on this Gulf Collection stage: Starts with an unusual, brief citron-rosemary aroma that makes way for robust fruitiness touched with sweet vanilla (intensified by heliotrope) and what smells like caramel. The civet "cat" essence and musk cling readily to this partly gourmand slice of the Kuwait pue. Florals of only the highest quality waft in, a nice partner beside the agarwood which is straighforward and behaved. Leather is a polite basic suede-like presence, helped along by cashmere woods, and patchouli, among others.

Roja blended this so nicely, taking so many notes and managing to create a really classy, exciting oriental-fruity-amber-woody piece that ranks up there in this wonderful collection!
Jan 11, 2019

I think this is my new favorite, it might be better than his Creation E
Sep 13, 2018

My first try from Roja's collection of fragrances inspired by countries of the Middle East, Kuwait is really quite great, a fruity / resinous top & heart sitting on a base of oud, woods, and patchouli.

The note list, however, is much longer, and from it, I mainly get a melange of very mixed florals (rose sticks out a little), peach, sandalwood, benzoin, labdanum, patchouli, and musk.

I dare say it's sweet but not too sweet, either, the sweetness of the peach in harmony with the florals to give a more balanced sort of heady sharpness as opposed to one that's purely white or yellow floral or purely fruit. Even when it dries down, it's still pretty bright with the florals and fruit, though it feels like it has a little more bass overall after a few hours.

It's a great performer, as expected for its predictably-lofty Roja Parfums cost of $550 for 50ml, and to me, a versatile player, as well, seeming to work well for various occasions (casual vs formal), seasons, and genders/ages.

This an easy win of a fragrance at a price that's not so easy to stomach, but price notwithstanding, I'd have to give this some thought as a fragrance I'd like to own and wear a lot. This certainly makes me to want to try the rest of the line, though, regardless of price.

8 out of 10
Mar 26, 2018

You've arrived at your grandma's house and you smile as you pass her gardens, which are alive and in full-bloom. She sits you down in the kitchen where she just finished coating candy apples with syrup and spooning out pomegranates and a manner of other sweet and fruity thing, and she offers to make you a vanilla milkshake. You politely decline because you know she's deliberately fattening you up, and you jump as her cat leaps into your lap and starts wiggling its tail in your face. Kuwait by Roja Dove.
Feb 6, 2018

Let me see where I can begin at, I cannot believe that Roja Dove made an exquisitely , beautiful Gulf collection scent. Let me just say that this one is my second favorite fragrance in the Gulf collection.
Nov 5, 2017

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