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Kristiansand New York Review:

This fragrance opens up with a spicy and peppery green smell on my skin. The pepper lets up a bit revealing a little nutmeg with a hint of fruitiness from the fig note. After the opening, a nice masculine lavender note takes center stage. This lavender note then transitions into a soft musk and amber dry down.

This is a VERY powdery fragrance. If you don't like powdery fragrances then definitely avoid this one. If you do like them, you have to try this fragrance out. It's an absolutely beautiful and unique take on a masculine scent. If you're looking for something that will make you stand out from the crowd, I would definitely recommend this one. My only problem with this fragrance is it occasionally comes across as a bit sour on my skin. Other than that, I really enjoy this one.

Some people compare this one to D&G's BY. I have never tried that fragrance so I can't compare. I can only tell you that, out of all the different scents I've smelled, there has been nothing that smelled quite like this.

Best Age Group- 30+
Best Season(s)- Fall/Winter
Occasions- Formal, Dates, Casual, Work
Projection/Sillage- Moderate
Longevity- 9 Hours
Smell- 9/10
Overall- 9/10

YouTube Channel: theaveragecologneguy
Jul 18, 2021

This is one of my favorite "newer" (although not NEW) fragrances. The review below has the notes spot on, although not just amber but some lavender too. VERY similar to D&G's "By". However, as previously mentioned in earlier reviews, is not as good on in the longevity department (or silage, for that matter), which kinda sucks. I like to think of it more as a nice interpretation of By Man. When it first came out, I ordered it directly from the manufacturer or, rather, creator. Evidently it was created by two women, one of which I spoke to directly, whom created it with By Man in mind. Although it will never compete with the Holy Grail, they did a fine job of evoking memories of those glory days with this one. The only one that comes closer to By is Nuhi, which was created by Fehmi Nouhi in 2012/13. But that is a review for another time.
Dec 22, 2017

Very powdery, a little bit of amber, on the sweet side. Don't get the Green Pepper or Sage at all.
Opening note gets your attention immediately. Smells vaguely familiar.
If I told you it was the scent of a poisonous flower, you would believe me. If I told you it had been scientifically proven to loosen the inhibitions of most women after three long sniffs, you wuld give me the benefit of the doubt. Without sounding too Ad Agency, it is filled with possibilities.
Mar 11, 2011

A bit of crispness that stays for a minute at the most.. It starts out very HOT from the pepper and stays that way for a while on my skin.. it then starts to cool down into a warm, sensual, sweet scent. You can tell the amber in this frag is pricey because it blends with the scent and gives it a perfect warm/sweet balance. The middle also has a very slight slight smokiness.. The dry down lasts for a VERY LONG time on my skin -- it's very smooth, creamy. Then it gets a bit powdery and earthy with a bit of a resin smell as it dries away. I really love this fragrance! It's a great alternative to By Man if you're missing that one or starting to find it harder to find.
Oct 31, 2010

Very similar to By Man , but not as long lasting , but hey its better than nothing or paying 250 on ebay
Sep 2, 2010

An outstanding fragrance that has a unique powdery story. I have worn this scent many times and I always get compliments on it, even with people who don't normally like fragrance. It has a 15 percent concentration and the fragrance will last all day.
Aug 15, 2010

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