Kouros Cologne Sport 
Yves Saint Laurent (2003)

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Kouros Cologne Sport by Yves Saint Laurent

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(Another) fresh interpretation of the original.

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Reviews of Kouros Cologne Sport by Yves Saint Laurent

There are 28 reviews of Kouros Cologne Sport by Yves Saint Laurent.

A nasty, offensive little nose rocket that has about as much to do with grand daddy Kouros as a BMW does to a Ford.

If you enjoy incredibly abrasive, screechy, laundry white musk accords and lab created jasmine aroma chemicals that dominant everything, this is for you. If you enjoy zero development, this is for you. If you lack the balls to wear the original OG Kouros, Cologne Sport is for you.

I found a 15 ml atomized mini of Cologne Sport which shipped from Europe. Well somehow during transport, half of the liquid made its way to the outside world into my shipping packet. Upon arrival and opening the packet, I was blasted in the face with what was described above.

There’s nothing even remotely masculine about this and smells absolutely nothing like Kouros… nothing. I tried a little on my skin and couldn’t wait to wash it off. Smells like a cheap white musk perfume for women. This is terrible! What a lazy ass cologne.

A paler version of the beast that is the original Kouros, notably in vintage form, in every sense from its hue to its composition, but still a flanker which is very much worthy of consideration in its own right.

Kouros Cologne Sport can't be called a conventional sport fragrance however you look at it, and in 2020 its unexpectedly delicate floral heart is perhaps the most contemporary aspect of a discontinued fragrance launched 17 years ago.

The aroma alongside the original is an altogether fresher and lighter affair with only the faintest reminder that this is a Kouros flanker, which leaves but a fleeting impression of the DNA of its forefather, something that purists and diehard fans will understandably hate.

I also appreciate why they called it a cologne (even so, it has around 8 hours staying power on my skin) but despite being far removed from the original, Kouros Sport Cologne is a very pleasant and long-lasting scent in its own right. Infinitely fresher than the much-missed Kouros Fraicheur which precedes this by a decade, and a world away from close cousin to the original, Kouros Eau de Sport, this is a safe bet for most ages and occasions.
Longevity is pretty good, silage quite discreet and the drydowm subtle to the point that some will find it disappointing.

Having said all that I applaud YSL for daring to create this hard to find and wonderfully clean take on arguably what is the most polarising men's scent ever created. It is subtle, masculine and a great introduction to the Kouros line for younger guys or those who worry about anyone wondering whether they smell somewhat like feline urine, to put it euphemistically. I can assure you that you won't offend even the most objectionable nose with this sporty number, it's excellent.

Wonderful discontinued flanker...

This is the only "sport" fragrance that I own, and like Dior Homme Sport this is not a typical aquatic sport fragrance, in fact it is very well made and really worth the money. It's just a shame that it's discontinued.

It has a couple of unusual notes for a so-called "sport" fragrance. Jasmine and cyclamen. I think I really like the tangy mandarin, bergamot and citron that slowly turn to jasmine and cyclamen with a hint of cedar. It's really nice... and in my opinion, not a sport fragrance. It can be worn at any time as an Eau de Cologne. The bottle design is very nice, clear glass as opposed to the matt white surface of the original. I really like it. It's just a real shame it's discontinued. I have no problem using this one for work or for playing tennis or something. It feels more classy that a simple "gym" fragrance, and it is in no way synthetic. A really good one, and different from a "typical" sport flanker.

A mysterious scent, but sadly misnamed. It should rather be called "The Enigma of the Hour" or "The Phantom of the Pharmacy" or even, quite simply, "Afterwards". Here we have the formidably earthy creature that is Kouros (honeyed milky sweetness interfused with sperm, sweat and goat's urine) taken past the halfway house that is Kouros Fraicheur and ultimately refined into a clean, subtle, serene and elusive being. A whisper of the original Kouros smell informs this fragrance, and its reserved, slightly medicinal yet warm aura might just possibly invite some sort of "sport cologne" connection, but its real essence lies elsewhere. I think it has best been captured by the review of the admirable Indie_Guy (see below) who says "It smelled somewhat 'funereal' and conjured up images of burial linens. Spooky ... Fresh and yet has hints of otherworldly dark things floating through it." A brilliant and poetic observation. Not so much death as decay in a Victorian churchyard (which, to my nose, Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme can sometimes suggest) but death in mysterious Egyptian dimensions - a space of eternal shadows. Not to everyone's taste, perhaps, but don't be alarmed into thinking that, if you wear this scent, you will be mistaken for one of the walking dead. (One could equally compose a narrative placing this fragrance in an 1890s Parisian salon, imagining it being worn by a slightly eccentric young dandy and also, perhaps, by his elderly aunts). I merely meant to suggest that it does capture a real sense of mystery - hence the connection with death as the ultimate enigma. Like the original Kouros, in its very different way, a bit of a masterpiece, and one equally likely to divide opinion.

"Kouros Sport" which is to say "a lighter Kouros" which is to say "Kouros without its characteristic, infamous and controversial note" which is to say" Nicole Kidman after the plastic surgery" which is to say "not as fascinating as she used to be".

Overall this is a pretty decent/pleasant fragrance, but way too pale to mantain the mesmerizing power of the original version.

A plasticky futuristic version of Kouros, KCS is a good but inessential scent. This prunes away the notes that take Kouros from interesting to amazing.

Kouros is to Kouros Cologne Sport as Azzaro PH is to Onyx .

If you want a summer version of Kouros, try Kouros. If you like Kouros but find it too threatening you might like Cologne Sport.

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