Yves Saint Laurent (1981)

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Yves Saint Laurent
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Pierre Bourdon
Alain de Mourgues
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YSL's best selling men's fragrance and features in the best seller lists most years. The fragrance is distinctly woody, and the bottle based on Greek Architecture.
FIFI award winner in 1982

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Reviews of Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

There are 366 reviews of Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent.

I just sprayed my forearm with this and it’s triggering that time I got sprayed by a male mountain lion. Tried getting it off with hand sanitizer but it’s not budging.
Sep 23, 2021

For me there is nothing divisive about Kouros, it is a fantastic fragrance pure and simple. A masterpiece by Pierre Bourdon that since it was released 40 years ago has been steadfastly popular, masculine and beautifully blended. I can only speak about the older formulation however, as my bottle is circa 2006. My bottle has lasted me so long because Kouros is a strong performing fragrance and it is a bold fragrance for certain occasions and moods. I first smelt Kouros on a sample card attached to a magazine advertisement back in the late 1980s. I was an adolescent at the time and Kouros captivated me. I thought it was strong, masculine, sophisticated and sexy. 30 odd years later and I still love it.
While many people notice the civet, which can be off putting for some, there is actually a lot going on in Kouros. In the opening the oakmoss is strong along with some citrus and aldehydes. Of course there is that powerful musk that starts to kick in from the opening, along with the tonka bean. The sharp opening settles down and the scent becomes more powdery and the floral notes come to the fore, tampered by leather and a hint of cinnamon. All of it is perfectly blended in a way that you would expect from a perfumer who had mastered his craft.
I find Kouros to be a strong and confidence inspiring fragrance. I would not wear it to the office or close work occasions. It is suitable for a date night, parties or just weekends when you want something confident, bold and complex. The oakmoss in the opening may make this fragrance take on a dated vibe, but the dry-down of this scent can compete with the best contemporaries. Kouros lasts all day on my skin, again I'm reviewing an older formulation, and the projection is excellent. One of the favourites in my collection.
Jul 29, 2021

Kouros by Yves Saint Lautent is heavy, animalistic and has features of chypre perfumes. It is essentially timeless and expresses masculinity in the terms of Ancient Greece.

Kouros is loaded with animalistic notes (musk, civet, leather, honey) that make up this carnal leading accord. In this leading accord, aromatic herbs and aldehydes with flowers are immersed.

Aldehydes are in the foreground. Metallic, watery, sharp, clearly in the style of years gone by. This is Kouros' hallmark, its impossible to forge staple. The green, covered by moss layer gives the blend a primordial masculine character. The green accords present in the mixture are cold and surrounded by gray sage. The base, on the other hand, gains a little bit of resinous, warm amber tones.
Aug 25, 2020

Just an absolute beast ass kicker of a fragrance, very strong very masculine, beats the piss out of anything made today ! But it is definitely not for everyone so look at the note break down compare to fragrances you like/own/currently wear before you buy it or get a sample for e legitimate test run. Kouros is in my top 3 fragrances for life ! An amazingly close dead on 99.9% clone of kouros for only 9$ is “The Man Silver” by Milton Lloyd. Get it on eBay or amazon or Milton Lloyd website it’s so cheap and of such high quality lasts for 24 hours on me
Apr 24, 2020

Dirty great male pudenda barely covered by a fig leaf of bathroom cleanliness.


The modern version has been censored
Dec 7, 2019

I'm not too big into classic men's fragrances in general. Often things with oakmoss or some other classic notes tend to come off very soapy to me. But, I also haven't really tried too many, so I figure I should.

Still, it comes as no surprise to me that Kouros isn't for me. The strong civet note and the soapiness of the oakmoss combine to create a kind of urinal cake smell when up close. And really that proximity is the issue. It's not something where you can put your wrist up to your nose and take a sniff (something I love to do with my favorite fragrances). It's definitely better from far away, which is just not my style.
Sep 8, 2019

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