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Korrigan by Lubin

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Korrigan is a men's fragrance launched in 2012 by Lubin

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Reviews of Korrigan by Lubin

There are 17 reviews of Korrigan by Lubin.

I don't catch many of the listed notes. I'd describe Korrigan as a sweet, milky wood. In other words, a great alternative to the unavailable sandalwood. I do catch a nice incense note, but while a nice touch, it honestly makes me a little nauseous for some reason.

I'd definitely wear this if I wanted something cozy, but I doubt I'd shell out for a bottle (what a beautiful bottle though!) It would make a lovely candle though.

I'd like to like this. There's a lovely creamy woods in the heart, and a delightful dry down. But also in the heart--as I found with Akkad too--is something that repels me: old dishrag or something.

Vanilla whiskey!

Lidge meets Black Oud. The two help each other make this a decent fragrance. Creamy and boozy, Korrigan settles down to a light wood scent which can be enjoyed by women as well as men. 7/10

You're a kitten, drinking sweet milk, snuggling up against your cat momma on the leather sofa, slowly purring your way to sleep. Korrigan by Lubin.

Reminds me of PdM Herod. Nice! Recommended.

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