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Reviews of Kokorico by Jean Paul Gaultier

There are 37 reviews of Kokorico by Jean Paul Gaultier.

Never seen or heard of this scent anywhere until I got back into the fragrance game earlier this year. I know JPG quite well, for once, they don't deliver though.

Kokorico is only mildly gourmand unlike what you hear on youtube and read elsewhere. A vague sweetness. A slight Lalique like classicalness is present even.

There is what seems like some sort of toffee and now that I read the notes list, yes, fig or plum. Cocoa, not with sugar but just the bitter stuff, is the note that's bending the fig towards toffee for me.

I'm not big on vetiver nor on classical at the moment, that's why I give it a negative but if you're a fan of vetiver and/or classical, you'll likely rate Kokorico neutral to positive.

Dec 7, 2019

Krazy, kooky fragrance in which I smell cacao, patchouli, vetiver, and cedar. It's brash at first, then settles down on my skin to something smooth like a fine scotch. I don't wear this often. When I do I am always surprised by this masculine scent. Because it exposes itself well, on me.

Oh! And it was created by two, of my favorite perfumers.
Dec 30, 2017

Superb scent from JPG...just got a bottle today, and right from the first spritz I was impressed. Being a huge fan of JPG's Le Male line, I wondered if I would be getting another oriental scent (a la Gaultier² from 2005) that was a distant spin-off of Le Male. Instead, I get a distinct, warm and woody semi-gourmand perception from Kokorico that lets me know this is NOT an unstated Le Male flanker.

Starts out very bright and spicy, settling right in to the cocoa bean heart note. Stays mellow and ambery, with the cedar wood providing a strong, peppery foundation for the fragrance to settle on.

Touches of this formula can be felt in Ralph Lauren's Polo Red Extreme, with the incense-stick cocoa bean vibe (although Polo Red Extreme is a MONSTER of a gourmand rave party in comparison). Kokorico definitely echoes other classic scents like Azzaro Visit and (the now defunct) Lanvin Arpege with its long lasting peppery/powdery quality.

Time will tell how I and others in my sphere will react to this dark wonder from Jean-Paul Gaultier. But I definitely don't see myself returning it asap as I had with my blind-buy of Gaultier² (too sweet and feminine). Keep those non-Le Male fragrances coming, JPG! ;^>
Feb 28, 2017

Kokorico is proof that there is a demand for selling pieces of wood doused in chocolate liqueur and a fig&musk-vodka. If Wood-Chunkz™ are as good as Kokorico, then customers will be happy to pay a modest amount for flavoured wood to gnaw on for hours.*

As for the Kokorico cologne, I rather like it for what it is and what it isn't. It's not too sweet, it's not heavy & brooding; it's a woody fragrance good enough to eat®.

* Patent Pending.
Feb 19, 2017

Been meaning to try this one.
Smells of clean clear notes (fig/dark chocolate/patch/cedary woody-ness).

So straight forward a fragrance it's hard to believe is mass market. That said, I think JPG could have marketed this differently...it would have sold well if snobbery was packaged into the deal: make it a prive line or exclusifs blend or whatever. Charge $300 box for it and the 'need a reason to pay more' crowd would have sung it's praises.

Heard the by Night flanker is even better, so I will be buying that as well.

Takes a while to like this, but it is very good.
Dec 6, 2016

This is a fine offering from Jean Paul Gaultier. I am of the opinion that JPG tend to make rather high quality fragrances and this is no exception. It just smells like time, effort and good quality ingredients went into it. I get a lot of cocoa bean with patchouli underneath. To me this has similarities with Zino Davidoff but with a darker tone and perhaps not quite as sweet. This gets better every time I smell it and I feel it may have been overlooked due to the popularity drawback of Le Male and the fact that it makes no apologies for what it is: deep, dark and gourmandish. The bottle is typically unique. Kokorico is high quality for low cost and I highly recommend giving it a try.
Mar 2, 2016

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