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Knize (2000)

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Reviews of Knize Ten Golden Edition by Knize

There are 19 reviews of Knize Ten Golden Edition by Knize.

Knize Ten with a growl

I realize that a leather forward fragrance doesn't seem like it would need a leather flanker, but that is kind of what this is. It takes the regular Knize, which is a tan leather with hand lotion and flowers, and reduces the ancillary notes. It them amps up the leather by giving it an animalic growl. Its got a little grit in its voice. If the original is just a little too "nice" for you, this will hit home. For me, it is quite nice. I'm a person who appreciates a little naked masculinity in my fragrances, and that hits here. Thumbs up.
Oct 17, 2020

After having Golden Edition a few days now, I really like it. I think I like it better than the original for a couple reasons. One, it's more subtle and better balanced. Although I love the power of the original, even in its current formulation, it can be overwhelming, and I notice that heavy leather notes tend to go down people's throats a lot, and cause a bad reaction. To me, there is nothing worse than someone getting a whiff of my frag, and being uncomfortable, coughing, itchy/watering eyes, or sometimes even choking. Although this is more subtle, I still get a full bodied leather note, like in the original. Two, the dry down is fantastic! It's a sweet vanilla-ish incense, and it's just awesome. 3. It's well made and well blended. I think even better blended than the original, more refined, more smooth, and even more masculine, with more restrained florals. I really only get jasmine in the middle. As someone who doesn't like jasmine, it smells great here. The bad.. one.. I'm gonna go through this bottle really fast. For the price per ml, it's pretty expensive. The performance is good, but not as good as Knize Ten. Two, it's limited availability makes it harder to find. I never knew this even existed, let alone came out about 2 decades ago. It's not readily available (nor is Knize Ten, but still much easier to find). Though knowing a little bit about the Knize brand, and their devotion to staying loyal to their fans, I don't think it will ever be discontinued, unless there's an apocalypse or something, but it will be limited.

Bottom line.. it's a very good leather dominated frag, with an old school leather smell, without the powerhouse feel. It's strong but if you do 2 sprays, you shouldn't bother anyone who is sensitive to leather notes. It's overpriced, but tbh, there really just aren't many good authentic smelling leather frags out there, very few in designers, and not many niche either. Knize knocks it out of the ball park, not once, but twice. I also think I might wind up buying a bottle of Knize Ten too, because I find them different enough to own both.

Additional notes: This is not just a "watered down" Knize Ten, it is a different formula/blend, and I find it especially noticeable in the dry down.

Jun 12, 2020

It's quite a comedown from the glorious original Knize Ten. Basically they have stripped nearly all the floral's, citrus freshness, complexity and cut way back on the powder. And you get the leather front and centre with what smells like talc on top and this stays with you for a good while. Like the original the leather fades but instead of been left with the beautiful floral basenotes the slightly sweet talc aspect becomes more prominent.

It still smells great and if you do not care for the fresh powdery floral aspect of the original and just want the leather then this one will make you happy.

The original Knize Ten is like going to a concert and enjoying a orchestra playing complex musical compositions. Where as the Gold Edition is like going to your local pub/bar and listening to a talented karaoke singer. lol

So all in all it comes down to whether you want the whole show with the leather, floral's and complexity. Or you just want the leather and talc as it is a bit more masculine.
Dec 15, 2018

Knize Ten Golden Edition is quite similar to the vintage version from 1924.

The opening tones down the floral elements, with a bit more of a pungent-powdery accord (similar to Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier). Florals are rather pronounced but smells more thoughtfully constructed.

The finish to Knize Ten Golden Edition is pretty much just like the 1924 version: Leathery, citrus, musky, and with aromatic flowery notes. It smells more tamed and last quite a long time, with great sillage.

Opinions will DEFINITELY differ from person to person for a whole host of reasons. Personally, I like this scent, which has enough of that Guerlain Habit Rouge and Christian Dior Fahrenheit sharpness that made Knize Ten so delightful! Test it out and see for yourself. :-)
Dec 9, 2018

My signature scent. I'm a big fan of the original Knize Ten too, but this is a stripped down version of all the notes I like from the original. In a nutshell, the original has an incense note which makes it more floral than the Golden Edition. My favourite notes are leather and citrus and Knize Ten Golden Edition has the perfect marriage of these two.
Jul 4, 2018

The Golden Edition is a condensed, amped-up version of the original Knize Ten that's a bit more apt for colder weather, specifically, but at the same time lacks of some of the freshness both in the opening and heart of the original, and in that respect, distances me from what I love about the original.

I definitely get oakmoss in the Golden Edition whereas I didn't detect it all in the original, and combined with the leather, it creates a certain masculine spicy heaviness that didn't weigh down the original. Beyond that, it's a similar note list on paper--citruses, petitgrain, rosemary, etc.--but it's just less open and floral from beginning to dry down than the original.

I still like Golden Edition a lot, but it's less fresh, versatile, and classic-smelling than the original, overall, though it does still remind me of some of the 80s/90s powerhouse fragrances.

It feels near-impossible to judge Golden Edition outside of the context of the original, but on its own, it's a good, strong, spicy men's fragrance that's likable and worth trying, for sure.

7 out of 10
Feb 15, 2018

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