Knightsbridge fragrance notes

    • nutmeg, rose, orris, sandalwood, leather, tonka bean

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Latest Reviews of Knightsbridge

For what it is, it is very well done. It's dark and looming, you might think there is oud here but it isnt. It's too likeable for that. It's not my personal taste though, but I can see there are lovers of this.
19th October 2021
Knightsbridge is all about Orris from beginning to end. A superbly smooth & balsamic experience with nuances of rose & tonka.

An elegant & distinctive perfume for discerning individuals.

Great longevity & discrete sillage.

Thumbs up!
15th December 2018

For the lovers of Dior Homme who want another interpretation of the lipsticky iris it is Harrods exclusive and has been called by a leading perfume critic as the best fragrance so far this year...even before you spray first time out of the bottle, the strong aroma can be detected through spray nozzle and most of you may have noticed new bottles rarely give off whiff unless they have been sprayed at least one...i am almost tempted to think the concentration is more than 15 percent....this fragrance has the soul of other Piguet's fragrances such as the creamy accord of Baghari, rose accord from Rose Perfection, Woody accord of Futur, and Animalic accord of Bandit I have had the opportunity to wear it for a while and one note that is particularly noticeable is Iris and it is the closest to the iris accord in dior homme of any fragrance i have smelled so far..but there is a twist..the iris in Dior Homme is sparkling whereas it is resinous in KnightsbridgePros: Continuously evolving!Cons: limited distribution
26th June 2013