KL fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Orange, Bergamot
  • Heart

    • Cloves, Cinnamon, Jamaican Pepper, Rose, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Orchid
  • Base

    • Amber, Vanilla, Patchouli, Benzoin

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Latest Reviews of KL

How do you like your Amber, sweet or very sweet?
You get a sugar rush with this one, it's super sweet.
18th March 2023
The fragrace of a femme fatale. KL is one of the most passionate and stormy love affairs in history. As complex and fascinating as she woman who inspires it. This fragrance embodies its strenght and power whilst the blends of notes evoke risk and sensuality. This narcotic scent reminds me of fabolous Opium that goes through you and makes you impossible to escape something, that is essence of this kind of scents. Irresistble, rich, spicy, sultry, provocative,
intrepid, heady, deep, classic and uterlly sensual.

The opening is a complex sequence of spicy notes with a citrusy hint of orange while floral note of jasmine, ylang ylang, orchid and rose with a full notes of cinnamon and cloves are found in the heart.sensual vanilla, rich amber, tempting patchouli and above all opulent civet leaves atroubled, arused, sensual furrow in its wake. This fragrance as the scent of night. A superb scent for anyone who wants to turn heads in any room. The confident lady will wear this perfume and feel the magic.
15th July 2015

Genre: Oriental

KL opens on a huge candied mandarin accord before filling out into a voluptuous, spicy-sweet oriental in an unapologetically bold, colorful style that has few proponents these days outside of Serge Lutens. Though soundly 1980s in flavor, KL is not oppressively loud. In fact, for a public used to wearing and smelling Angel, it's actually quite polite in sillage and projection.

All the usual suspects are present: amber, vanilla, indolic orange blossom, a touch of animalic musk, cinnamon and cloves. The notes are extremely well blended, so that KL comes off as a seamless, monolithic structure. Given KL's sheer heft and intense sweetness, the liability involved is a certain tedium. The volume might not be offensive, but the looming, featureless presence becomes unsettling after an hour, then outright irritating after two. KL lacks the kind of complexity, eccentric edginess, or provocative accents that sustain interest in equally bold, sweet orientals like Eau Lente, Shaal Nur, Ambre Sultan, or Fumerie Turque. It's a nice enough scent, but not something I'd be compelled to revisit.
19th June 2014
Oriental Spice cake My mother wore this one in the early eighties, i remember this one was very sweet (like a syrup) It always remindend me of a Spicemarket with occasional intoxicating sweet fruits. Great fragrance of that era! Later more.Pros: Ultra oriental very addictive scentCons:
3rd September 2013
My Mom loved this one. She has great, almost intuitive tastes in fragrance. So I think it's a great loss that this one was discontinued. It was truly an excellent spicy floriental. Clearly inspired by Opium as were so many of the spicy perfumes of the 80's. I hate to admit it (because I adore Opium) but I think this one was just a little bit better than YSL's Opium. It was a touch smoother, a bit lighter, a little less somber and thus happier than Opium. But still just as complex and intriguing. It was warm and friendly yet still glam...like a saucy rich dame in a mink coat who wasn't above having a drink with the help.
And that packaging! You could point to that and say: "This was the 80's".
30th December 2012
The original KL was my signature winter daytime scent in the early/mid 80's (Opium at night). It was intense, spicy & had slight orange smell to it. They made lots of goodies to go with it (dusting powder, shower jell, creme ect) that layered well together. Sadly they reformulated it to a watery version. The original came in a beautiful art deco style bottle. I miss it!
16th September 2012
I loved this when it came out in 1982 and it's the only mandarin top-note scent I've ever smelt. I do miss it. I also loved the packaging - I remember having the dusting powder in the grey fan shaped box which was gorgeous and got re-used for storage when I finished the powder. This also makes me think of other lovely bath and body ranges there used to be but are no more. What happened to them? Guerlain and Dior I'm looking at you!
21st March 2012
Interesting as I read down the reviews of others, how many compare KL to Opium. I really love KL but the original KL. There has since been a change in the composition of KL that to me seems not as nice or long lasting. I love a spicy oriental perfume, but could never find anything remotely like the original KL. The newer version simply isnt the same. Opium is more harsher in fragrance to me, where as the original KL is very blended and balanced.
9th September 2010
As has already been said, KL is virtually identical to Opium (I always thought a little less sweet). It's difficult to say any more about it, as if you know Opium, you'll know KL. The beautiful fan-shaped Parfum bottle was most original thing about KL.I'm always amazed when a manufacturer will produce a perfume so similar to another already on the market. For that reason I am neutral about KL - it's not the sort of fragrance I wear now, but during the 80s and early 90s, I would never have considered buying it, but bought Opium regularly.
28th March 2010
KL was somptuous, far superior to Opium and Cinnabar. I offred it to my mother yeras ago, I wish she had not finished the bottle!
16th March 2010
The one thing I noticed about KL is that it smells awful up close, spicy medicine-like. Seriously don't stick your nose to your wrist with it on. It smells absolutely WONDERFUL from its sillage. Just poofs up from under your shirt. Do not wear this directly on the clothing, either. On the chest is the best place.This delicious clove and amber laden fragrance is spicy and elegant. Good longevity and sillage.
7th December 2009