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Kiton (1996)

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Kiton Men by Kiton

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Reviews of Kiton Men by Kiton

What an odd scent! The citrus-green notes last for less than a second. Then, a peculiarly dusty-musty aroma develops. It suggests an old wooden box that has had makeup stored in it. Vague and sour whiffs of iris and coumarin lurk in the background. I'd avoid this one, I can't imagine wanting to smell like this.

nothing special,ok but it does not make you dream of more!Kiton-well-known for it´s suits etc.had to launch a perfume as all others-and hurry up, mix whatever and launch it with a perfect marketing campaign-and make money....what a pity!what a deception!but this is how it works today......germaine Cellier, Ernest Beaux and all the other great perfumers would be ashamed and embarassed.....

I originally liked Kiton so well that I bought a bottle of it. After wearing it a while, it had grown to bother me so much that I finally had to wash it off immediately after applying. I later figured out that it was the violet note in the heart of Kiton that I could not tolerate – I had grown sensitive to chemical violets, and this dislike of violet extends to most fragrances with violet in it. Kiton, Green Irish Tweed, and Narciso Rodriguez for Him have so strong of violet notes that I dislike them strongly. Kiton was a good scent for awhile but now I have to vote it thumb's down... but only because of the violet. (Edit of 15 October 2006 review. Changed from a thumbs up.)

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