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Kiton (2007)

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Kiton Black by Kiton

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Reviews of Kiton Black by Kiton

From my small collection of shallow reviews -

Blind bought it - this is Creed GIT / Davidoff CW type-of-thing. Period.
Veeery safe, veeery MEN, veeery green/blue.
There are nuances, yes, but in bigger scale - that's it.

Looking for niche? Go somewhere else.
Someone mentioned Philosykos? Nowhere near I'd say.
(I love Philosykos EDP)

Refined? Yes I'd say.
It's an OK elegant scent.

As for the nuances - aside for GIT there is some kind of an Iron clean creamy feel - which is nice. Would I buy it if I knew how it smells? - No.
It's good in it's own group.

The longevity is OK for my made in England version. There is a word out there that the Ukrainian versoin is poor on this.

A darker version of Kiton Men. Less violet than KM. The berry note keeps the violet note down with this one.The leather note assists in this also. Good move adding the cedar and amber note. I enjoy this more than Kiton Men. 7.5/10

low on duration and sillage

This develops in ways I didn't expect. Looking at the ingredients in the base (amber, tonka, leather) I was expecting something heavy or sweet. Instead, I find a translucent, silvery-metallic, cool scent. That is due to the violet leaves. The opening has a bit of fruit, and also something like celery leaf. A very vague hint of fuzzy suede at the end, that's all. I'm not repelled by this scent, nor am I attracted. Just slightly under neutral.

Wow, Buzzlepuff AND Sir Slarty have nailed the head here. This is a high quality fruity suede. It's business casual. I could imagine a lot of suits wearing this and thinking that they are the coolest guy in the office, and yet the reality would have them looking more like Ricky Gervais. This is good, yes, but it won't make you a maverick, it'll just make you smell good.

I find that Kiton Black is rather similar to the original Kiton Man. It's more casual and it's an easier wear than the first Kiton. To my nose, the top citrus notes are overwhelmed by the violet leaves – I don't get any berries or anything else very sweet… and I think that a little more sweet is definitely needed. The middle accord – cyclamen, cardamom, and cedar – comes across as rather too neutral; to my nose it lacks anything that would make the accord special. The base is very similar to the base of the original except that the moss has been replaced by leather and the result is a smoother accord. Even though Kiton Black has less longevity than the original, I think it is the better fragrance: It has a competent construction and quite good quality ingredients, but I don't care for several of the particular notes - especially the violet leaf. Just as in the original Kiton, I can't find the love.

This makes up for the disappointing Kiton Man. Smells like fruited suede. Subtle but no so much so that others can't smell it on you. Good for all around casual wear.

I think this is a cross between Armani Code and Ungaro III. It is sweet and mysterious, almost a smoky or rubbery note somewhere but the effect is quite pleasant. Sillage is good, longevity excellent and more refined than Code and less wieid and less gothic than the Ungaro. Quite obscure and new on the market, so you'll be smelling unique than the Tommy, CK and Acqua di Gio crowd. Wouldn't wear it with a Kiton suit though, I'd wear Santos or Antaeus instead.

Kiton seems to be taking a page out of Bulgari's book with this one. It smells similar to origanil Kiton, which I love, but with a distinct rubber note--Italian luxury houses seem to equate black with rubber. No real improvement on the original, in my opinion, but still great quality and elegant, simple packaging.

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