Reviews of Kiton Black by Kiton

Picked up 2 discounted bottles recently and I am unsure of whrther i will regret this small expense in the longer term. POLO BLACK does it better, and the reference to the slightly dirty note in the leather is a pop on assessment by Joe-Frances. There is still an appeal here in some of the fusions rise above it all. The quality of product shines through. The bottle is typical KITON though sexier than what we are used too. I will give this the thumbs up, if just for the rare and discreet value in owning and wearing occassionally. I much prefer the prodigal child, KITON Napoli, but then again, I am the unashamed absolute fan of the Later product by Claud Montana - BLUE MONTANA HOMME, ans have 2 of the Original RED BOX that are unlikely to see the light of day in my lifetime - takes all sorts !
29th December 2007
There's a lot of berry right from the top (or is it the bergamot-lime/lemon marriage?), much like Armani Black Code, and it doesn't let go. I don't get the leather though. Longevity is very good, as is sillage. This isn't really my type of perfume - can't get over the berry smell, but it seems to be high quality. Didn't strike me as very masculine, not that that should be an issue. Thumbs up for unique enough, quality, longevity, sillage.
21st December 2007

I think this is a cross between Armani Code and Ungaro III. It is sweet and mysterious, almost a smoky or rubbery note somewhere but the effect is quite pleasant. Sillage is good, longevity excellent and more refined than Code and less wieid and less gothic than the Ungaro. Quite obscure and new on the market, so you'll be smelling unique than the Tommy, CK and Acqua di Gio crowd. Wouldn't wear it with a Kiton suit though, I'd wear Santos or Antaeus instead.
3rd November 2007
Kİton Black is really exceptional fragrance. I've been wearing for a month. I love leather. This frag is interesting, because, top notes and midde notes are the same, ever base note. No change. But it's not sharp enough.
11th October 2007
Of the Kiton Family, this is the more 'sensual' of the 3. If you remember original Kiton, there IS an obscure prescence of a Sweet/Dry 'rubberyness' found in this Black...but the Leather is prominent as well as the Red Berries in the TOP notes.On a less 'sophisticated' review, I think of 'Chocolate Roses' in odd but alluring combination. In Napoli Kiton....nope, not ONE similarity...so1. -Kiton (Office Wear/Single Man)2. -Kiton Black(Romantic Man/Evening Wear)3. -Kiton Napoli (Last Resort)
25th May 2007
where is the difference between kiton and kiton black?another huge deception but fantastically wrapped-this is a vulgar,ordinary and simple water of nothing!If you really look for a great perfume then have a look at piguet,chanel,guerlain,givenchy,loewe-but the old ones!these were really perfumes and on top special ones!!!!!!!!!!!
20th May 2007
Kiton seems to be taking a page out of Bulgari's book with this one. It smells similar to origanil Kiton, which I love, but with a distinct rubber note--Italian luxury houses seem to equate black with rubber. No real improvement on the original, in my opinion, but still great quality and elegant, simple packaging.
20th April 2007
This is similar to the suave and sophisticated Kiton Men, but with a slightly "dirtier" leather note. It has a touch less staying power than the original and is softer and a tad sweeter in the drydown. This is a very nice fragrance that despite a name that might suggest a dressy evening affect is IMHO a bit more casual that Kiton Men. It is entirely derivative, but worthy.
13th April 2007