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Kiton (2007)

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Kiton Black by Kiton

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Reviews of Kiton Black by Kiton

There are 32 reviews of Kiton Black by Kiton.

Elegant, intense, classy, sensual. I love this cologne. I use it mostly at night and/or when on a date with my wife. A definitive thumbs up.

From my small collection of shallow reviews -

Blind bought it - this is Creed GIT / Davidoff CW type-of-thing. Period.
Veeery safe, veeery MEN, veeery green/blue.
There are nuances, yes, but in bigger scale - that's it.

Looking for niche? Go somewhere else.
Someone mentioned Philosykos? Nowhere near I'd say.
(I love Philosykos EDP)

Refined? Yes I'd say.
It's an OK elegant scent.

As for the nuances - aside for GIT there is some kind of an Iron clean creamy feel - which is nice. Would I buy it if I knew how it smells? - No.
It's good in it's own group.

The longevity is OK for my made in England version. There is a word out there that the Ukrainian versoin is poor on this.

A darker version of Kiton Men. Less violet than KM. The berry note keeps the violet note down with this one.The leather note assists in this also. Good move adding the cedar and amber note. I enjoy this more than Kiton Men. 7.5/10

If you are that type of personSo this is what let me think of Philosykos!!!Ja-ha! Has the same violet/figue vibe which makes it exactly black and gives to it that kind of velvety-smooth feeling. And also a certain yummy-ness that reminds of Philosykos makes it black-ER than the original but should this characteristic be a part of a male scent? Probably if you pose yourself as such a person and find that people should like you for being yummy and smooth....ha ha ha!Would be rather wearable on a cold and clear autumn day than on a hot and sunny one.

Great berry/citrus burst in the opening really was a pleasant surprise. The berry note lasts as is goes into a woody (mainly cedar) note with just a bit of underlying leather. Unfortunately this amazing scent does not last long at all on my skin. every so often I will get a very feint reminder of it, but it leaves me wanting more.


I found the solution to my longevity issue, more sprays! Today I went with three sprays to the chest, and one to the neck. That was 6 hours ago and I am still getting great projection from this now. I am even fighting a cold and am stuffed up a bit, but I have been able to catch this awesome scent for over half the day now.

I also get the references to Fahrenheit. I get the same berry/violet top note minus the gasoline of Fahrenheit. This is much smoother and more well behaved.

low on duration and sillage

Back story: I belong to a very swank health club here in the Midwest which has an indoor running track. A couple times a week, I'd be stretching next to the track when this guy would jog by, dripping with sweat, and he'd smell GREAT. Well, I was too embarassed to stop him to ask what he was wearing, fearing he'd think I was gay and hitting on him, so I figured I'd let it go........but I STILL just HAD to know. Well, one day, as luck would have it, he was walking by my car with a girl, so I figured it was a perfect opportunity to roll the window down, summon him over, and "pop the question"; "Hey, uhm (long pause), I was just kinda wondering what cologne you wear when you run on the track? It smells great! Don't worry...I'm not hitting on ya."
Well, he let out a big chuckle, then said; "not to worry, you're the 3rd person today to ask. Once was in my office, and the other was a girl in an elevator. Happens all the time." So after he told me "It's Kiton BLACK", I thanked him and he went on his merry way. First thing I did was buy a bottle of the stuff. Ok, folks....I've got a TON of high end colognes in the medicine cabinet...a TON. My favorite for many years has been Pheromone For Men by Marilyn Miglin, but when I started wearing this Kiton stuff, lemme tell ya....chicks are drawn to it like nothing I've ever experienced in my life. I don't know if it's the combo of my body scent plus the Kiton or not, but chicks are CONSTANTLY commenting about how wonderful I smell. HONEST. HONEST. the point where they think I'm being a shmuck when I refuse to tell them the name. It really works like a magnet for me. I highly suggest you try the stuff for yourself if you don't believe me. Then you will truly be amazed. Heck, I'M amazed that nobody has mentioned this in the prior reviews. Very bizarre. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I also love the smell of that Thierry Mugley stuff called Vettiver, but it sucks that it only lasts about a half hour on me. Won't buy it again for that reason. Kiton Black reigns supreme for picking up the babes!

Like the angular and minimalist designs of Rem Koolhaas -- this too plays with light and shadow. It is elegant and classy. It opens with a fizzy top which is like soda pop infused with red berries (Kiton is after all Italian), and then it segues into a very pronounced wall of violet leaf -- fresh/ heady/ persistent/ green just touched by the spice of cardamom and rounded by the woody warmth of cedar.

Then it darkens after an hour or so. I smell very distinctly -- pencil shavings! The earthiness of vetiver asserts itself very quickly -- slightly medicinal. Suede finally arrives -- like a soft warm caress though still colored by the lingering violet/vetiver tandem.

Highly recommended!

Black, modern, fancy, light, airy, salty and fruity suede. This is Kiton Black. Its kind of darkness is not an heavy one, the vetiver of the final phase, according with the assertions of several reviewers, is light, set just in order to provide the right (minimal) dose of boise earthiness (green virility) to be flanked by the spicy beat coming from cardamom. The opening is slightly pungent and decidedly obscure because of the highly bitter whiff produced by berries and the starting influence of the violets from the back. There is something almost salty-aquatic and fruity in the air. The sensation is to inhale a very deep lemon-wild black cherry's aroma (barely ozonic) with a touch of peaches to balance the saltiness (and the acidity of the lemon) with an hint of fruity sweet. The darkness is kept on by the velvety role played by violets while a vetiver-cedar accord plus spices starts in a while to provide structure and masculinity to the juice. It's not the Ungaro III's structure (which with i detect several similarities) cause spices, woods and earthy notes are less prominent and bold in here. In this phase anyway the fragrance is still too much angular and obscure but in a few time a stunning final stage materializes itself in terms of velvety, tobacco rounded and salty suede because of the wonderful link of amber-tonka-leather. The amber makes smoother the smoky leather arousing the perception of a fruity, slightly seasoned perfume of velvety suede. I use to dislike the excess of fruits in the fragrances but in Kiton Black the combination is well appointed. A virile, modern, fancy and salty-ambery-fruity suede with a sort of floral-rubbery and at same time angular undertone a la Dior Fahrenheit (in a more darkly fruity way). Unfortunately the scent is finally too much close to skin for my full pleasure and the longevity is not at top on my skin. Anyway this is a nice scent for sure, ideal for a discreet touch of "fancy" romanticism under the moonlight. Guys, ....if you have a clean face, tastefulness in the art of clothing, a disarming smile and pretend to be a good boy while being full of prickly secrets and used to hide yourself in the wardrobes of different houses from
yours, well ....this is the choice for you.

Nice smell. reminds me of usher for men, drakkar noir and tommy all in one cologne. It is very masculine, but has a sweet note in it as well. It is very raspy like drakkar noir, but a more modern less offensive version with a gourmand kind of vibe in the background. It has a nice mix of spices as well and citrus.

Fantastic. I have only worn this twice (just got a decant of it), and it is already on my wishlist. The first few seconds of the opening almost smell "bad" in a sense - to me, the leather comes through right away and is present throughout the duration of the scent, but WOW - what a development! John Varvatos has leather with a lot of unique spice and zest added into the mix. Kiton Black is a leathery scent with a sort of soft, sensual side, almost like a JV without the bite, like.. an "indoors" version of John Varvatos. I'd say it works perfectly for everyday wear, but still has enough of an intimate aspect to it to draw someone's attention in personal situations. It is simply unique - very well made and something that is going to be noticed and enjoyed.

Amazing! It opens with a smooth fruity smell, and slowly turns a little spicy, and then a dry leather/fruit/spice smell. I need to buy another bottle. In my top 5.

This develops in ways I didn't expect. Looking at the ingredients in the base (amber, tonka, leather) I was expecting something heavy or sweet. Instead, I find a translucent, silvery-metallic, cool scent. That is due to the violet leaves. The opening has a bit of fruit, and also something like celery leaf. A very vague hint of fuzzy suede at the end, that's all. I'm not repelled by this scent, nor am I attracted. Just slightly under neutral.

Wow, nice. Very nice. In the style of Sean John Unforgiveable and Usher. A close encounter with the Creed kind. Multi-dimensional, like a 3 course meal. Its sharp, crisp, sweet and spicy yet well composed...translates to a man that is smart and witty, fun loving yet serious. The standard in men's office wear IMHO. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Kiton Black is in my top 5 fav fragrances. The aftershave is marvelous! It just works wonders on my skin. lasts very long for me, extremely pleasant, fruity WithOut being sugary-sweet at all. It is like Abercrombie Fierce without the metal note to it. I do pickup the suede note, and overall, the fragrance is very comfortable. A night outside, combined with a light breeze to bring the scent towards others= wonderful. A little goes a long way-- 2 sprays Max. the aftershave is so calming, my skin is instantly cooled and i usually do not need moisturizer after. Some aftershaves make me feel like I just shaved with an old nicked razer, while this one leaves my skin (gummy? baby skin?)-- however you want to say it, it is my favorite aftershave. It seems a bit out of place for everyday use, unless your wearing a suit day to day. i do not pickup the dirty or wood notes, and I would have never guessed lemon was in it. Read Bingos review, it describes it well.

Wow, Buzzlepuff AND Sir Slarty have nailed the head here. This is a high quality fruity suede. It's business casual. I could imagine a lot of suits wearing this and thinking that they are the coolest guy in the office, and yet the reality would have them looking more like Ricky Gervais. This is good, yes, but it won't make you a maverick, it'll just make you smell good.

kinda smooth and fruity but not an aquatic or marine mess.kinda like the original but not as green. a definate gq scent that should be sparingly used. a masterpiece for sure that should be in every guy's wardrobe!!!

I find that Kiton Black is rather similar to the original Kiton Man. It's more casual and it's an easier wear than the first Kiton. To my nose, the top citrus notes are overwhelmed by the violet leaves – I don't get any berries or anything else very sweet… and I think that a little more sweet is definitely needed. The middle accord – cyclamen, cardamom, and cedar – comes across as rather too neutral; to my nose it lacks anything that would make the accord special. The base is very similar to the base of the original except that the moss has been replaced by leather and the result is a smoother accord. Even though Kiton Black has less longevity than the original, I think it is the better fragrance: It has a competent construction and quite good quality ingredients, but I don't care for several of the particular notes - especially the violet leaf. Just as in the original Kiton, I can't find the love.

Pretty dull fresh woody fragrance with thin and shaky balance. It has a tendency to have that typical nostril burning metallic citrus edge; the quality I have found unfortunately in so many fragrances.There is a very subdued suede/chemical leather accord in the distant, but it is very much overwhelmed by that sharp spicy cedarwood – citrus combo with notable violet tone. No pun intended of course, but comparing this to Bvlgari Black (read the reviews) is one of the strangest comparisons I have heard in my life as in my opinion these two have absolutely nothing in common. Even stranger it sounds when somebody is saying this is an amazing fragrance.Find out yourself. To me this is just as pointless as Vera Wang for Men which I find somewhat similar in character wise.

Yep, "fruited suede" (Sir Slarty's review) fits Kiton Black like a glove. Very pleasant warm citrus, then cardamon and violet for a bit of soft zing, supported by powder soft tonka suede basenote. A Fruited Suede. There is a bit of leather in there too, but not enough to earn a leather designation and definitely not dark enough to earn "black" status. But a very nice, easy to wear, smoothe refined scent. Would be a good boardroom fragrance to wear with a Kiton suit. Or not.

my 2 favourite fragrances in the world are KNIZE TEN and CUIRON.....and i'm starting to think that my 3rd favourite scent really is KITON BLACK. this is an amazing fragrance. It's so incredibly well blended, balanced, and formulated. Each time i wear this stuff, it makes be feel as if everything is gonna be alright. It's got swagger, confidence, character, and depth. People keep referring to 'berries' in the opening, i don't get much of that. What i get out of this, is a very airy light suede and light vetiver opening with touches of wood and flowers. Emphasis is on the 'light'. As the scent wears on the skin, it becomes stronger.....and results in the most glorious, new car smell with leather and suede being gently soaked in light vetiver and wood. It is such a dignified drydown...i have yet to experience anything else like it. This is the best designer scent in production right now, and is a must have as far as i'm concerned. HUGELY recommended.

This makes up for the disappointing Kiton Man. Smells like fruited suede. Subtle but no so much so that others can't smell it on you. Good for all around casual wear.

Reminds me a lot of Bvlgari Black, with the rubber hint.Very nice smell, but much like the pop frag's. Nice drydown.

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