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Kiton (2007)

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Kiton Black by Kiton

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Kiton Black is a men's fragrance launched in 2007 by Kiton

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Reviews of Kiton Black by Kiton

There are 32 reviews of Kiton Black by Kiton.

Elegant, intense, classy, sensual. I love this cologne. I use it mostly at night and/or when on a date with my wife. A definitive thumbs up.

From my small collection of shallow reviews -

Blind bought it - this is Creed GIT / Davidoff CW type-of-thing. Period.
Veeery safe, veeery MEN, veeery green/blue.
There are nuances, yes, but in bigger scale - that's it.

Looking for niche? Go somewhere else.
Someone mentioned Philosykos? Nowhere near I'd say.
(I love Philosykos EDP)

Refined? Yes I'd say.
It's an OK elegant scent.

As for the nuances - aside for GIT there is some kind of an Iron clean creamy feel - which is nice. Would I buy it if I knew how it smells? - No.
It's good in it's own group.

The longevity is OK for my made in England version. There is a word out there that the Ukrainian versoin is poor on this.

A darker version of Kiton Men. Less violet than KM. The berry note keeps the violet note down with this one.The leather note assists in this also. Good move adding the cedar and amber note. I enjoy this more than Kiton Men. 7.5/10

If you are that type of personSo this is what let me think of Philosykos!!!Ja-ha! Has the same violet/figue vibe which makes it exactly black and gives to it that kind of velvety-smooth feeling. And also a certain yummy-ness that reminds of Philosykos makes it black-ER than the original but should this characteristic be a part of a male scent? Probably if you pose yourself as such a person and find that people should like you for being yummy and smooth....ha ha ha!Would be rather wearable on a cold and clear autumn day than on a hot and sunny one.

Great berry/citrus burst in the opening really was a pleasant surprise. The berry note lasts as is goes into a woody (mainly cedar) note with just a bit of underlying leather. Unfortunately this amazing scent does not last long at all on my skin. every so often I will get a very feint reminder of it, but it leaves me wanting more.


I found the solution to my longevity issue, more sprays! Today I went with three sprays to the chest, and one to the neck. That was 6 hours ago and I am still getting great projection from this now. I am even fighting a cold and am stuffed up a bit, but I have been able to catch this awesome scent for over half the day now.

I also get the references to Fahrenheit. I get the same berry/violet top note minus the gasoline of Fahrenheit. This is much smoother and more well behaved.

low on duration and sillage

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