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Green and fresh, unimpressive on projection and longevity, Kistna is nonetheless a pleasant scent in the light warm weather day wear as one of the better green examples I've tried that's available in retail stores at shopping malls and such. Along with White Musk Sport, Kistna rounds out the only pair of scents I would really opt for at the Body Shop, especially given that at $28 for 100ml, there are cheaper designer EDT (i.e. Nautica) options that are arguably more robust than the Body Shop's. Still, Kistna fills a void in that it isn't an aquatic but rather a unisex green scent dominated by the combination of citrus and cedar. Worth trying, and a nice option to have for light wearing occasions---spray at will.

6 out of 10
Aug 20, 2015

Has a green tree sap smell mixed with cocoa butter. Very smooth and green with a sweet grass drydown that goes a little into a paste/glue note that eventually subsides into more cocoa butter. So, basically, green cocoa butter. With there was a stronger version, but it still works well as a light skin scent in spring and summer. 3 out of 4.
Dec 4, 2013

This is one of my favorite green scents. Very simple and soothing. Nice to wear on weekends or before going to sleep. Very linear and light.
Sep 16, 2009

I love green fragrances and this is one of the greenest leafy ones out there. The green and herbacious notes kinda take control of this one as i don't really detect any of the spices and vanilla that are supposedly in here. This is a good summer scent. I have gotten compliments from both men and women with this one. Nothing special or groundbreaking, but a solid fragrance for a good price
Feb 3, 2007

Generic, but quite good aquatic scent, with that specific, cooling and smooth note of aloe to be found in most ozonic-watery creations. More unisex than masculine, but fitting in today's fashion for rather sporty, youthfull and less conservative notes well. Also, some interesting fruity and exotic features. Better lasting power and more masculinity- in the elegant, classy sense of the word- required! Acceptable as casual scent, especially during hot summer days, due to a cooling, refreshing, energizing effect.
Dec 12, 2006

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