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Kiste by Slumberhouse

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Kiste is a shared scent launched in 2015 by Slumberhouse

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There are 24 reviews of Kiste by Slumberhouse.

Previous version of Kiste had very generous amount of honey and that appeared quite clearly on my skin. Peach, tobacco, herbs and spices were all just a background and gave it a story played behind. The main player and star of the show was honey and its animalic nature came out on me. It instantly reminded me of good old chypre classic YSL Kouros, in which honey was one of the key ingredients. In Kiste there is some creamy, fruity background added to it and spices. I didn't find it as spicy as Mond is, therefore I liked it way less. The drydown and the late base is soft, mellow tobacco on woodsy shed. In general Kiste is a wee plush and maybe even cozy.

Longevity seems to be above average, so is sillage. As in all Slumberhouse I know.

Overall? Okay. Just okay.

If there could be a dessert that was made of a thin layer of rum-soaked spice cake,topped with baked peaches drizzled in honey,that's what i get from Kiste at the first spray.i was expecting something a little more raunchy and is however, absolutely beautiful. seriously.the equivalent of a beautiful sunset for the eyes,your favorite music for your ears or a lover's exciting touch of your skin. warm,round,and licks-delicious sexy.

The initial blast of fragrance has absoloutely no restraint,displaying the epitome of sweetness. lots of honey and peach,but not the kind of sickly fruit peach smell i get in a lot of peach fragrances, where it smells synthetic and overly is perfect.then there is a dirty tobacco note sitting on a bed of patchouli.if you are one who is faint of nose you may feel queasy from this potent parfum...which is why i think this fragrance is a challenging one and not a safe blind buy.

Kiste has been made to smell like peaches and cigarettes, but I don't think it was a successful attempt. Let's take a look at its notes: tobacco, peach, scotch heather, tonka, henna, elderberry, patchouli and honey. It looks yummy. But are tobacco and peaches really impressive in this perfume? With a lot of effort, you can only feel the peach and a little bit of a boozy note in the first 1 minute. So what about the evolution? I know the smell of different types of pipe tobacco well (I grew up in a place where cigarettes and pipes were being smoked every day.) and I can surely say that this perfume doesn't smell like cigarettes or pipes. (It should be noted, a perfume that claims to present the aroma of tobacco should clearly smell like tobacco and need no explanation from anyone.)

‌So now that it wasn't as we expected by notes, we've to see whether it is a classy (or at least attractive) scent or not? I have to say instead of offering a modern and urban scent, Kiste smells like a village. It will smell very cheap when you use it in large amounts.
I think Kiste is made in continuation of Baque. I was expecting something more special; Combining peaches and tobacco is a really good idea, but here it is ruined. It's neither smoky nor gourmand. flavorless

Kiste is like a cozy winter-afternoon spent inside an american "country" (antique furnishing-type) tea-room impregnated by the aromas of pipe tobacco, honeyed cakes, fruity tea and rum. Peach and yummy tonka are quite dominant. The booziness is light and balanced (never liquorous or too spicy), a ghostly herbal accord lingers around for a while. Patch takes finally the stage in a soft yummy way (never earthy, aggressive or hippie). Yes, this semi-oriental is one of the most affordable and versatile from the Slumberhouse-line, I see it. Not exactly a structured fragrance but more properly the reconstruction of very ancestral atmospheres. A finally smooth "ambiance" aroma rich of deep american odours of rare "cloudy" ages from our arcane childhood.

I seldom find perfumes nauseating, but this one comes very close. It is the artificial plastic sweetness that turns Kiste into a cherry cough syrup-Yankee Candle sort of mess that my six-year old niece might find interesting. Thick, heavy, and way too sticky sweet...urghhh. Like Pear & Olive, there is something almost oleaginous about this that makes me flinch and then head for the shower.

I am sad about this because I still have yet to find a Slumberhouse that I can love (or even like). Norne is pretty gorgeous, but I simply don't want to smell like a pine tree forest very often. New Sibet was somewhat interesting and Sixes & Sevens came even closer to something I might want to wear, but even that one felt a bit heavy-handed in its treatment of cumin. I would love to see Josh get a bit more abstract in his vision and a bit less literal in his execution.

70's head-shop smells. Boozy, jammy peach. Dad's pipe tobacco on a Saturday night. The neighbor's haymow odors, from a childhood memory. A roasted nut, buttery pie crust accord. Warm. Down to earth.

I swear I smell sweet basil or some other kitchen herb here. This "thing" elicits curse words aloud, it's so damn good.

Patchouli, way underneath, as time moves along. Wish I'd discovered this years ago...

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