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Kiste (2022 version) by Slumberhouse

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Kiste (2022 version) is a shared scent launched in 2022 by Slumberhouse

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There are 1 reviews of Kiste (2022 version) by Slumberhouse.

IMO this is an improvement from Kiste I know (rectangular bottle). Definitely more peach, ripe (towards overripe) peach/peaches dipped in sirup. No animalic traces that I detected from previous Kiste. But! I am getting nice honey, quite significant tea note.

This is quite soft and cozy, and very pleasant to wear. Fall and winter warmer definitely. I would say it is a crowd pleaser, but still in niche/indie way.

First impressions after around 6 hours of wearing winter Kiste.

So the opening is sweet, inviting, warm, fruity. Almost reminds me of warm, freshly baked pie (peach cobbler? Is that how they call it?). Barely any spices, if any at all. Almost in the same time along with peach I can smell quite clearly tobacco. Significantly different than the one used in Jeke/Baque, yet the same. And, as I mentioned before, this new Kiste has a tea note, that I haven’t experienced in any scent from Slumberhouse lineup before.

Both longevity and projection are on solid Slumberhouse level.

So far a winner already, a huge improvement on Kiste to me, for sure.

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