Kismet (new) fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, lemon, petitgrain
  • Heart

    • centifolia rose absolute, bulgarian rose essence, patchouli
  • Base

    • labdanum, opoponax, bourbon vanilla

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Latest Reviews of Kismet (new)

Sugary. Honeyed. Light citrus, diluted. Tiny bitterness underneath. Marvelous petitgrain note. Beautiful, rich roses; perfumed, old-fashioned roses. The top, middle, and base seem as one. Patchouli and the base notes swirl together for a rich, smooth oriental blanket. I am nearly wordless, this, is that grand! If you adore dark oriental frags you will love this - if, you can get your hands on it...

It reminds me of Shalimar, which is not a bad thing - I may have to do a comparison one day with the amount left in the sample vial...

Resinous, dotted with earthy undertones. Vanilla-bean madness. Drunken passion. Powders down, later on.
26th April 2019
Kismet is GORGEOUS!!! Beautiful drydown that lasts for hours....

A might bit pricey for my budget, but on the wishlist it goes anyway.... :)
22nd June 2017

A wondefull oriental re-creation from an old forgotten Lubin perfume. A deep and haunting sweetness crossed by a citrus peel, enlightened by bergamot and petit grain... the dry down is a king of powdery rose...
Somewhere between a new Shalimar and Habanita, but more elegant ! Magnificient materials, nice sillage and performances. Moreover, the beautifull flask is in a beautifull box...
A great achievement from Lubin, to me, Kismet is the perfect new oriental reborn from old ages.
28th December 2016