Escentric Molecules for Klaus Kinski (2011)

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Kinski by Escentric Molecules

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Kinski is a shared scent launched in 2011 by Escentric Molecules

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Reviews of Kinski by Escentric Molecules

There are 21 reviews of Kinski by Escentric Molecules.

I have some invasive weeds in my yard that make for good burning fuel when I make bonfires for the family on evenings that weather will permit it. When they burn off, they have a very bitter, unpleasant burning smell. And yes, similar to the smell of weed. That's what the opening of Kinski smells like.

After the opening, the drydown hangs in the air and reminds me of macho 80's colognes mixed with some of Geza Schoen's more modern, heavy-molecule'd creations. It's dirty, herbal, masculine and personally, pretty enjoyable to catch whiffs of.

I didn't care for this much upon first sniff but the more I wear it, the more it continues to grow on me. Obviously, others might also have a strong reaction to this upon first smelling on you, and it is very good in the projection department, so be aware of your social surroundings. Good advice in general, but you've been warned.

Smoldering, smoky, sharp opening. Spicy and pine-like notes. Slight sea water note. Strong cannabis haze. Rose, benzoin, vetiver, cedar, patch, labdanum, amber - all appear later on. Darkly lit, dream phase cloud. Oak mossy smell later. Cannabis lingers on throughout its life. Fades to sweet woodiness later on.

I wear it on vacations, away from anything "mainstream" and typical. I bought this, two yrs ago...and a month or so later, went on vacation to Vegas. And there I was, sitting in a "Denny's" restaurant, getting the side eye from a group of church members, there in Vegas for some kind of choir competition.

two months ago, my immediate family and myself, vacationed in St Barts. And I remember an older woman from Finland, there with her family, walking up to me and telling me the name of this particular fragrance I was wearing. And note for note, she broke it down...and even knew the "nose" that constructed this stuff.

Need I say more. Its the kind of scent that begs to be taken on that exotic trip somewhere, where the setting is unusual and free of judgement. Its a beautiful fragrance, once you figure it out. And its very, there's that.

Initially I found it rather innocuously pleasant. I couldn't smell the weed even after dry down. But maybe I have weird skin chemistry.

But then after an hour, it seemed to come into its own. Still no out and out weed smell to me but it developed into something quite interesting. I got the impression of a jazz piece, possibly by Thelonious Monk, being played on a slightly out of tune piano. This one's a keeper!

A masterly rafted example of multifaceted woody&herbal notes. Kinski represents a powerful mix of excitement, allure and sensuality. This is one of those fragrances that people either love or hate but for the curious, who are always looking for something unusual, a fragrance suited to anyone who knows how to love it. It scents something between Laylati and Afgano Puro by Sospiro for me. Herbaceous, smoky, opulent, decadent, woody, Addictive, mysterious,and complex.

This scent opens with juniper, black currant and pink pepper then quickly green notes of cannabis, sea water, nutmeg and dirty rose bring strenght to the heart. The end exposes a smoky blend of precious wood, musk and benzoin, leaving behind an intensely warm, addictive trail seductive, that may enchant or challenge, stimulate or delight. Totally cannabis is most prominent notes. In conclusion this kind of scents is not suitable with my style but truly the quality is remarkable.

Apparently every now and then I need a reminder of how foolish I can be.   My most recent was buying Kinski.

I've always liked Comme de Garçons 2 Man. It's one of the two or three Iso-E super heavy perfumes that I like.   I also love Parfumerie Générale Cozé: hash brownies, who could say no?  Kinski reads as derivative, having stolen the framework of CdG Man 2 as well as pulling a little petty theft of Cozé's space cake note. What Kinski brings to the table is a note of what I'll call drunk-sick.  

The experience of wearing Kinski is like that of having had an enormous hash brownie washed down with a large glass of cheap rum. I ride the headnotes like the bed-spins, surfing the undulating queasiness.

To be honest, I can't rightly say that Kinski is bad. Many seem to love it.  It's just not my cup of tea. And after having made the egregious decision to purchase it when I find it sick making, I can hardly point fingers.  But thank goodness for the spice of life and all. A fumie friend now has it and is making far better use than my bed spins and dry heaves. 

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