King's Road 
Boadicea the Victorious (2013)

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Reviews of King's Road by Boadicea the Victorious

There are 2 reviews of King's Road by Boadicea the Victorious.

Intoxicating rose/ the fresh , crisp , breezy rose from Acteur highly amplified and backed up with some smooth and mellow oud...smells very classy and exotic...very real natural smelling rose...the oud is very well balanced and has none of the band aid medicinal effect...a little touch of wood and greenery...if i close my eyes i can picture myself standing in the middle of a rose garden catching whiffs of the different aspects of rose bushes drifting up to my nose...a very smooth ride...excellent quality oud used wisely and accenting the rose perfectly...well played...
Aug 13, 2019

King's Road is one of the better done Arabic styled rose /oud fragrances I've tried. In fact, I would say this one could be a standard upon which to compare and refer all others of this type. It is just so solid and rewarding to smell. Excellent ingredients and smooth transitions and blending. A fine fragrance that I like more than others in this same range that cost twice as much for their even greater exclusivity (Nemer, Blue Sapphire - looking at you). The pepper and rosewood blend seamlessly with saffron and rose. Iris is a suspending, mesmerizing element that extends the rich rounded but tart saffron rose through its full woods base of oud, patchouli, amber, sandalwood, rosewood - exotic but grounded and full, a proper base for a fragrance of such exotic rose oudish character. The name King's Road just fits - referring to the upscale but still young spirited food and fashionable boulevard that winds through Chelsea. Boudicea the Victorious make too many fragrance styles to comprehend them all - most are excellent - but this is one of their best.
Oct 17, 2015

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