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Kiehl's (1963)

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Kiehl's Original Musk by Kiehl's

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Kiehl's Original Musk is a shared scent launched in 1963 by Kiehl's

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Reviews of Kiehl's Original Musk by Kiehl's

There are 102 reviews of Kiehl's Original Musk by Kiehl's.

For the price, this is fantastic.

A nice soft scent that waffles between very clean and very dirty in a most enchanting way.

Not easily classified as a work scent or a date scent, it's a nice casual scent perfect for just hanging around. Becoming a fast favorite. None of the notes are hitting me to make it seem masculine or feminine. Nicely balanced.

Starting to feel to me like a must own for Basenoters.

My favorite non-scent scent, hands down. Original Musk No. 1 smells dirty while managing to also smell clean... both at the same time. It is my year-round office fragrance and it's my way to smell good while also smelling like nothing. I can be a professional at work, and as hipster as I want to be afterwards. It doesn't get much attention but attention isn't always a good thing. Like another reviewer mentioned, it makes you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Sillage is just about non-existent and the longevity is 1-2 hours before it settles into it's warm base of patchouli and soft musk. It's my everyday, safe scent. Errr, I mean my everyday non-scent.

This review is for the oil, which I prefer after having tried the EDT as well.

The opening is musky for sure but not as harsh as the EDT. The oil starts to soften quickly, becoming warm with honey and powdery sweet with plenty of rose. A bit feminine because of the rose but the overall scent is still animalic and musky. The late drydown is very soft, slightly sweet and plenty agreeable and not that musky.

I only get light projection but very good longevity. Should be nice for when someone gets close.

This is for the oil version. I bought this to fill a gap in my fragrance wardrobe: a musk that's neither an in-your-face filthy mess nor a prim and proper, too-safe "white" musk. What I'm getting on my skin is a lovely warm musky aura that wanders between soapy overtones and warm, powdery sweetness. Interestingly the soapy phase still doesn't smell particularly squeaky-clean. I do detect some florals, although they're blurred and muted. This is a lovely, gently sensual creature that reminds me at times of clean skin just starting to sweat. Exactly what I was looking for, in short.

EDT: This stuff is ridiculously good. Out of a dozen samples I got recently, this is my favorite. It is just slightly a bit feminine, it reminds me of something my Mom would wear. Looking forward to sampling again, and may consider a bottle.

The oil and the EDT formulation are fairly different. This is for the EDT, which is more floral:

It's a floral, lightly fruity, spicy, honeyed musk, very warm, friendly and approachable. It skews more feminine than the oil. It has a more old-style, easy-going way than many of the newer, more earnest musks, as nice as they are. Sometimes there is too much baggage in a musk fragrance, stretching it to a point it can barely sustain, like forcing a bass voice outside it's range.

This is laid back mellow stuff, with no edge and no pretense, just kind of doing what comes naturally. It's a pretty musk with the warm, embracing style old musks can have, rather than an animalistic or edgy component. It reminds me a little of another old goodie, Coty ‘Wild Musk'.

I believe I still prefer the oil version as it's more unisex and focuses on the warm musk. But this floral musk edt is nice, and worth keeping some for its pleasant nature when that's what you crave. It just makes you feel comfortable in your skin.

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