Ajmal (2011)

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Khallab by Ajmal

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Khallab is a shared scent launched in 2011 by Ajmal

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Reviews of Khallab by Ajmal

There are 1 reviews of Khallab by Ajmal.

I am going to give this is a thumbs based on a number of facts
1.Yes It's a dirty oud-musk fragrance and hell its fantastic.
2.Breaks the Safrron-Oud-Rose bar for a bit - smells like theres ambergris somewhere
somehow, and the rose is nice and light and seem bulgarian.
3.A really commanding scent without the wholesome arabian vibe, easily wearable in
the summer heat and in winter, but go easy on the trigger - i could smell this on my t-shirt
for 5 days! (even after washing)

At about 60 US Dollars for a potent 30 ml EDP - you really can't go bad.
An Animalic Beauty done right.

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