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Kenzoair by Kenzo

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Available in EdT, with notes of bergamot, and in EdP, with notes of angelica and cumin. The bottle is designed by sculptor Laura de Santillana and represents "a window to the sky". Launches in November in France and Italy, and in 2004 everywhere else, though no current plans to launch in the USA.

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Reviews of Kenzoair by Kenzo

There are 56 reviews of Kenzoair by Kenzo.

Air edp - Kenzo
Light and transparant scent with a dry herbaceous feel being toned down by a cool note of aniseed and spicy nuances of caraway. Reminds me of how the air smells after a rainstorm: slight earthy, cool and damped. Moves on in a rather generic way with the slight raspy green of vetiver against a soft and quiet semi-sweet amber background. Air smells simple, in a good way, with a meditative an easygoing feeling.
Mild thumbs up.

Nice, basic fragrance from Kenzo. I'd discovered this over ten years ago at Sephora, and only recently did I go ahead and buy a travel sized container of Kenzoair (1 oz).

This one is like a much lighter, friendlier version of Lolita Lempicka pour Homme. The licorice is subtly evident in this simple fragrance, as is the bright vetiver. It evokes some reminders of Lalique's Encre Noir, though not anywhere as "wet" nor intense in quality. Kenzoair lasts longer on me when I apply it in layers.

The frosty bottle is nice to behold as well! ;^>

To me, a lighter, sweeter version of Encre Noire Sport. There were times I enjoyed ENS but I always felt it was too bitter and needed to lighten up to be more versatile and wearable. Kenzo Air fits the bill. I don't really get much licorice but it doesn't surprise me that note is in there, might be some of the sweetness I'm getting. Projects a small bubble, so only you and those who get close will smell this.

A sharp, bitter, peppery mix of anise, oud and vetiver.

Turin notes the bitter peppery note as angelica. The anise and vetiver are both light to my nose. What totally ruins this scent is the sharp, metallic oud note, making this one of the most unpleasant scents I have ever encountered.

It was difficult finding a mini for this one, but I'm glad I waited. I would have hated to pay real money for this terrible scent. Why perfumers go out of their way to create offensive scents I have never been able to comprehend. Even less do I comprehend the noses which find these pleasant enough to pay big bucks for them.

Ah, well, the mystery of the human nose.

Genre: Woods

In keeping with Kenzo's minimalist leanings, KenzoAir is a very simple composition, built mostly on an accord of pencil shavings/woody amber, dry vetiver, and sharp black pepper. It feels like an excerpt from Cartier's Déclaration, specifically the woody synthetic base notes, shorn of the citrus and leather that bestow living warmth upon them. It smells OK, but it feels incomplete. It's certainly not exciting.

Don't let the name fool you, by the way. KenzoAir's structure might be hollow, but it's potent, it's linear, and it lasts forever. If this scent's austere style and cedar-vetiver flavor appeal to you, I recommend trying Lalique's Encre Noire as well. It conjures a similar mood but smells more finished.

In the top notes the mixture of licorice and anise develops beautifully on my skin, a very nice idea, with a touch of bergamot-freshness in the background. The drydown brings a lovely vetiver into play, whilst the base is to me the least interesting part with its rather generic wood-amber impression. This scent is openly flouting its synthetic nature, but it is well made and in its simplicity nonetheless quite convincing. Whilst silage and projection are nothing to write home about, the longevity of over six hours is fairly respectable. Good in spring.

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