Kenzo World Intense fragrance notes

  • Head

    • plum
  • Heart

    • peony, jasmine
  • Base

    • vanilla

Latest Reviews of Kenzo World Intense

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It's how you'd smell if you wore a monster plum- bubblegumy sweet perfume and became sweaty throughout the day. It has some vanilla & muskiness to it, and sweet, thick jasmine on steroids, only the sweet aroma of the flower and no powder.

It smells like sweet, wet and gooey plums, plasticky lipstick and fruit juice, ironically without the perfume having the smell of sugar, honey or anything. For a better picture, think about Midnight Fantasy, make it less sour but keep the same scent and aroma. Add plum jam, add sugared jasmine and crack an 90s frosted pink lipstick bullet on top. That's Kenzo World Intense. The plum is truly the star.

Kenzo World Intense is modern in a classic way. It is not for those that are quiet and shy. This is all leather mini skirts and high heels, smoking a menthol cigarette outside of a nightclub in the nineties. It's also very unique and there's nothing that smells similar on the market, it's not a perfume that you smell everywhere on every one which is a plus. Definitely not a safe blind buy, but if you can work this, then expect to be complimented everywhere you go.
12th October 2023