Kenzo Winter Flowers fragrance notes

  • Head

    • mandarin, violet leaf
  • Heart

    • hellebore rose, mimosa, camellia
  • Base

    • vanilla, patchouli

Latest Reviews of Kenzo Winter Flowers

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This is a lovely addition to the Flower family. There's a hint of a rose-type flower (the hellibore?), and, though it is not listed as a note, I detect some of the kyara incense that's so prominent in Flower Oriental. In fact, this seems like a cross between the original Flower and Oriental, so if the sichuan pepper was too much for you, but you want more of a spicy kick than the original gives, this would be a good option. Much more interesting and long-lasting than Summer Flower, which I didn't care for. The bottle is strikingly gorgeous.
20th September 2008