A lighter version of the 1991 original.

Kenzo pour Homme Fresh fragrance notes

  • Head

    • grapefruit, bitter orange, calone
  • Heart

    • iodine, cedarwood
  • Base

    • oakmoss, musk

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Choke-inducing medicinal astringency! Only vaguely citrus after a long dry down. Top and heart are overpowering hospital germicidal wash! When one chooses a "fresh" fragrance, the desired message shouldn't be "You'd never guess they embalm corpses here! The funeral home smells so lovely!" There is no redemption for this, it's grossly horrid!
8th March 2012
As well as said by others this one is basically a lighter and more citrusy version of the Pour Homme's original formula. The juice is obviously close to the original but this one lacks the wonderful woodsy depth of the great Pour Homme. In the last one the scale between boise'and ozonic elements was in a substantial balance while in the Fresh version the mentioned scale leans over the splashing citrusy and the ozone-marine soaring elements. This is a nice aquatic anyway.
24th November 2011

Basically, it's the same juice as Kenzo ph but with more citrus up top. Recommended.
20th March 2011
This is a great aquatic/green smell to me, very simple and now overpowring, I really like the scent but it doesnt last one me for more than an hour at max!!! Im guessing its the bottle I have, but if it lasts longer than this is one scent that all aquatic lovers should try
22nd February 2011
This one is a winner. It defines "marine scent". Smells like sea plant, salty. It has good sillage and lasts all day long. Perfect for a sunday burbecue, or a day on the park. Very manly without being Tarzan style, like Quorum (arghhhh!). One of the best summer fragrances you will find. A classic. But not to the "only sweet fragrances" type. It requires some personality to use this one. Not to the faint hearted I would say...
23rd April 2010
This is one I really wished I'd tried before I bought.UGH! Talk about gag inducing.I get nothing but a "blue liquid barbers keep combs in" smell from this.And that is NOT pleasant at all.
8th January 2010
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