Launched to celebrate twenty years of Kenzo fragrances.

Kenzo Peace Vintage Edition fragrance notes

    • Musk, Heliotrope, Cedar, Tonka, Mandarin, Vanilla

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There's For Her written on my sample, but I think this is the same, as I smell the notes and it's very unisex to my nose, from the musky/spicy/woody sides. There's a lot of musk in the opening, then it goes towards tonka and amber. It smells good, but it's very weak. Sillage is bad.
22nd May 2017
I know it isn't fair, but I tend to knock a few points off if a fragrance is too fleeting. Reminiscent of a Penhaligon's, Peace Vintage starts off very restrained with citrus and powder. It quickly dries down to powder and slight floral, then disappears. If I spend money on a fragrance, I want it to last at least long enough that I can smell it.
27th January 2013

Kenzo PEACE VINTAGE is primarily a clean musk composition. The musk really does dominate, but it is light and limpid rather than dark and skanky. There is a sort of sweet-soapy quality to this creation, as self-contradictory as that might at first seem. Although I am reminded a bit of cherry blossom or osmanthus, I believe that the effect in this case is caused by the give and take between the heliotrope and the woods, on the one side, and the vanilla and tonka, on the other.

Still, because all of the non-musk components are so gentle, PEACE seems to me in some ways more like a base or an aromatherapeutic scent than a full-fledged perfume. I'm fairly optimistic that PEACE will blend well with other creations, so I'm going to trying mixing this with CdG ZAGORSK, which to my nose (or on my skin...) has the opposite problem: nearly all incense, virtually no moderating base...
20th October 2011
a nice spicy ambery from the house of kenzo, very easily unisex. along the lines of molinard ambre, and bvlgari omnia. the latter are better than the former so don;t go out buying the kenzo if you have the other two. i;m not crazy about the bottle either. this had the potential to be something more interesting but it was played safe. ...but still not a bad frag at all as it does smell warm and ambery and the edt lasts long enough. this would have been a thumbs up if it had more kick.
24th October 2009
I really like Kenzo Vintage! I think it is a perfect fragrance to wear on those cold days when you don't want to overdo it with a scent-bomb, you just want a nice subtle, woody/vanilla aura around you. It is definitely not a powerhouse fragrance, but that's why I like it! It is pretty Linear as well, but that's not really a bad thing to me in this case. Sometimes I just want that milky comfort the whole way through. So far I have been wearing it for about 5 hours and it is still noticeable, but it is mostly a close to the skin scent. Maybe a nice scent for a hot date? ;) Anyway, Thumbs up!!
14th October 2009
I have been thinking for a long time that this is a very close scent to Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess / Azuree Soleil (which I wore yesterday). After several back to back wearings alternating the two, my conclusion today is that they indeed have a very similar basic quality--a light floral over soft woods in the base. They even both have coconut. The difference is in the small details of the development. Azuree Soleil is coconut in the top notes, and dries to the white floral over wood with a touch of vanilla coconut. Peace has the same indolic sweet rice as Kenzo Amour in the top, dries to white floral over wood with a touch of vanilla coconut. Of the two, I think BG/AS is drier, but not by much. MPG Balenciaga was also very similar to these two, but had citrus and coconut in the top notes. For the price, though, Estee Lauder is the one that can't be beat. Still, if I didn't already have Bronze Goddess, I might rather have Kenzo Peace.
19th October 2008
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