Kenzo Homme Sport fragrance notes

  • Head

    • grapefruit, mint, lemon
  • Heart

    • ginger, geranium, spicy notes
  • Base

    • cedar, vetiver

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The review is on Sport Extreme and not Sport since the Extreme is not listed separately.
Kenzo markets this fragrance as a light recreation perfume.
And so it is - inoffensive, without audacity, calming.
It will not inspire you to crush the competitors and establish empires but to calm down and enjoy yourself, the nature and simple life pleasures.
For me this fragrance dries down fast to a certain low level and stays there for a long time, with definitely aquatic scent.
It may be a nice switch for those who, like me, used only powerful fragrances before.
26th April 2016
Something about the drydown or latter end of this scent just really intrigues me. Towards the end ginger, mint, lemon and maybe grapefruit combine to make an odd scent that I like to smell.

It has an odd beginning, maybe synthetic or lemon furniture polish-like of an aroma. This weird beginning to it goes away and moves on to a slightly spicey end life.

Dior's Homme Sport is just a tick or notch above this Kenzo sport scent, the ginger is sweeter and stands out more in that Dior fragrance.

This is lite and lasts well into the 5-6 hour range and radiates well off of my skin.
21st October 2015

IMO top notes are nice but disappear very quickly, mid and base not lasting much longer, ginger and spice lasting the longest - all in all very light. Nothing displeasing, just not a very memorable frag. Which is a shame as I thought this one might be interesting.
27th January 2015
Kenzo Sport Extreme it's not Kenzo Sport but I write here because there is no such review.
Kenzo Sport Extreme is the same as Adidas Ice Dive. It's much cheaper than Kenzo.
2nd January 2014
Aromatic cedarwood and a touch of ozonic.A cedarwood bomb with a sporty metallic/slightly ozonic opening (grapefruit plus marine "molecules" and watery flowers), a fresh aromatic vibe from ginger, pepper and mint and a powerful woody "frozen" base. Really virile and decently appointed for the lovers of the genre. Is a semi/ozonic dynamic "new generation" gymnasium chypre. It conjures me more than vaguely Bulgari Man Extreme (lemon, grapefruit, a touch of "salt", spicy notes, floral notes, cedarwood, vetiver) which is less cool, more lemony and finally balmier. A stout (durable and with a good sillage) and virile modern concoction from an even dignified brand.Pros: Dynamic, virile, modern.Cons: Common and "easy"."
25th October 2013
Not bad. A clone of Allure Homme Sport + quite milder approach of Kenzo PH Boisee in a certain aspect, which is heavy frag in fact, thus Sport version might appeal more to the general public. All in all I expected it to be total failure, turns out its not, but due to utter lack of originality I have to rate it neutral. If you want something like Kenzo Homme Sport, but less airy and a little stronger - take Versace Pour Homme, Chanel Allure Homme Sport. On the other hand Kenzo Boisee is different than the two prior mentioned, more unique and different in character, yet there's an echo of it in Kenzo Homme Sport despite it's obvious similarity with VPH and CAHS. Albeit I actually fancy this scent quite so, I have to rate it neutral due to it's lack of originality and strength, not the longevity though - which is solid.
14th February 2013
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