Kenzo Homme Night fragrance notes

  • Head

    • cardamom, coriander, grapefruit
  • Heart

    • geranium, artemisia
  • Base

    • tonka bean, vetiver, guaiac wood

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Opens blue then turns gourmand quite quickly. Also has an Issey Miyake feel and quality throughout. I'd say it's a bit like Le Male In the Navy if you know that one mixed with Guerlain L'instant de Guerlain's woozy gourmand tea/anise/candy like accord.

Basically this is as high quality as L'Instant de Guerlain but with a blue/yuzu/orange/cardamom like twist. I might get a bottle of this. Price wise it's only slightly cheaper though than L'Instant at most retailers here. Makes sense given the quality, even if Guerlain is positioned above Kenzo in most people's minds.

21st November 2021
A coconut fragrance that loosely reminds me of Paul Smith London. The drydown becomes more of a cool vanilla fragrance with the coconut still present. Just about gone by the 4-hour mark but the skin scent lingers for a few more hours after that.

Feels like a daytime, casual scent, good for everything except very cold weather.

Average projection and below average longevity.
2nd March 2018

Blegh. A screechily sweet opening that reminds me of a "tropical" themed cheap home air freshener dries down to a bland sweet-woody base, which still has this nails-on-a-chalkboard high pitched sweetness to it. Synthetics overload. Easy and definite thumbs down.
3rd October 2017
It is unique, hence thumbs up. Even though Kenzo PH Night is not typically my type of scent, I enjoy wearing it every now and then. It starts with a little fresh grapefruit, but quickly turns itself into a very nutmegy, creamy sweet scent. It's a typical night scent in my opinion. I even got some Tom Ford Black Orchid vibe, also a bit chocolate-like smell. In warmer temperature, you need to spray carefully because it can make people vomit, it's too sweet for summer. But one-two sprays, would give you the feeling that earlier in the day you used coconut sunscreen.

I suggest to try before buying. It may not be for everyone, but it is definetely very rich (even though synthetic in some accords) and sexy.
16th August 2017
I fell in love with this fragrance as soon as I sprayed it on a blotter ! And fell even more in love with it when I put it on my skin. As a woman, I like to wear masculine fragrance (even though I don't believe in gender in fragrance) and this one is the best masculine perfume I discovered last year. I really like Kenzo perfumes, for men and women, and this one is my fav on the brand so far :)And the sillage is pretty good.
27th April 2016
Unique in a weird, unoriginal fashion

There is a connection here with CK Obsession For Men Night. Kenzo Night has this weird invasive coconut/almond liqueur fling about it. Reminds me a bit of sun tan lotions with coconut smell in them. Each time I stuck my nose to my wrist, I find myself wanting myself to want it. It is not very original, but it's also not a typical fresh fragrance, au contraire it isn't fresh at all. It is quite heavy in a way and does contain that certain Kenzo vibe, typical for all the fragrances of the house. I have to admit that it did strike a chord in me, brings up some sort of elating, summery emotions

Pros: very subjectively everything, longevity and projection
Cons: very subjectively none
28th April 2014
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