Kenzo Homme Eau de Parfum fragrance notes

  • Head

    • marine notes, cinnamon, mint, bergamot, lemon
  • Heart

    • nutmeg, jasmine, carnation, juniper berry, iris, caraway, lily of the valley, rose, pine
  • Base

    • sandalwood, vetiver, cedarwood, amber, musk, fir balsam, oakmoss, labdanum

Latest Reviews of Kenzo Homme Eau de Parfum

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Blue, fresh and aquatic but also a little green and soapy. The lemon in the opening is very evident. The lemon and soapy clean smell in this EdP reminds me of some of the citrusy soaps you smell in Lush stores.

Feels best for summer and casual wears. It is not overly sweet. Reminds me most of some of the blue scents from Zara.

I got very good projection during the first few hours. After that, it does settle but stays with you all day.

Mild thumbs up because it's almost screechy at times but overall, it is pleasant and performs very well.

17th February 2021
Initial blast is a soapy furniture polish. I did get one wiff of something marine, but then it was gone for good. It settles down quickly to a traditional barbershop scent. Within 30 minutes a powder layer drifts over the top, probably from the iris and lily of the valley, and settles in to stay. The artificial wood and soap also continues throughout. Starts fading at the three hour mark and is gone in five hours. Unremarkeable and at this price point there is no surprise in getting synthetic notes.
15th July 2017