Kenzo Homme Eau de Parfum (2022 version) 
Kenzo (2022)

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Kenzo Homme Eau de Parfum (2022 version) by Kenzo

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Kenzo Homme Eau de Parfum (2022 version) is a men's fragrance launched in 2022 by Kenzo

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Reviews of Kenzo Homme Eau de Parfum (2022 version) by Kenzo

There are 2 reviews of Kenzo Homme Eau de Parfum (2022 version) by Kenzo.

This has been my big favourite new scent of late. A wonderful fresh-yet-not-as-we-know-it-fresh scent. A bit like what I image you'd get on a stroll through a coastal block of forest harbouring aromatic plants previously unknown. A sense of open space, a coastal breeze with no trace of algae, instead a hint of moss, an imagined fern maybe. Long lasting, outlived DHParfum or TFBlackOrchid on my skin & clothes.
The juice contains Akigalawoodˇ apparently, a Givaudan creation. I'm getting a back-up bottle, too good.

Cool, watery, and slightly modern-sweet but with plenty of green-spa-like uniqueness. Nutmeg is a favorite note of mine and is very pleasing here. Feels unisex. The marine notes are there but not overwhelming. The pine and patchouli I don’t get much of but one of those, or the marine note, is providing the cooling effect. Probably pine. Similar to a menthol feel. The sweet, woody base is nice and makes the drydown very pleasant.

Great for work, warmer days or just when you need a scent to help calm your mood. Projection is actually good, despite this feeling lighter. I can smell it all workday, 7-8 hours.

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