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I get an uplifting burst of sweet, fruity and floral hard candy with a puff of incense smoke & vanilla wafting just underneath. I do not get any spice - this is clean, artificially flavoured hard candy realness.

I would never wear this type of scents myself, yet i know exactly the type of person that would. She is a young woman with an angular haircut who wears loud clothing and permanently has a smile on her face. She is the center of attention, and that's where she belongs. Performance is good.
22nd March 2023
I tested it with Kenzo Amour on the other wrist. Overall it smells like Amour but a little spicier. From the scent I can't really tell which one I prefer. Both are lovely and have their own caracter. But the sillage and the longevity of Indian Holi on me are significantly less good than original Amour. With the same amount of application, after 8 hours I can still smell Amour easily but Indian Holi has almost gone since after 5 hours.

Originally written in 2013.
23rd December 2017

I Was a bit dissapointed with this
fragrance i expected a spicy woodsy
firey untamed collection but what it turned out it was a prud very shy on my skin the water drowned out the spices
the peppers woods but i like the incense i think they shoud add more
volume of spices woods and put cinnamon
or chai tea to it but i love the Sinuous Red bottle very different and sensual.

11th February 2011
While Kenzo was one of my favourite parfum makers (especially for summer scents) I was disappointed by Indian Holi. It is too soapy and without a clear personality. Staying power almost inexistent. Where is the spicy India of the name?
16th June 2010
Amour has too much vanilla for my taste, so I was very happy to try Holi- the vanilla is reduced by about half, and pepper, rose, and peony replace it. It's a brighter, spicier, and lighter Amour. My only complaint is that either it fades very quickly, or I quickly become anosmic to the musks (about 30 minutes). Still recommended. Drop dead gorgeous bottle and packaging.
23rd October 2008